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I get loads of emails from people asking me many different questions. Normally I send a reply telling them what they want to know but recently I've not been bothering due to repetative questions and large amounts of them. So, I've decided write a Nine Ball Flash FAQ

  • 1. "Very nice page!"
    "Was just on your website...very cool"
    "Great work your doing with your site."

    Actually, these aren't questions but they make me feel good. Also, if you stick something like that at the top of an email to me you'll have more chance of getting a personal reply from me.

  • 2. "Great homepage by the way. Maybe it would be better if you linked to mine..."

    I've solved this one, just check out the Interactive Juggling Links page where you can add your own links.

  • 3. "How long did it take you to be able to flash 9 balls I think it is amazing."

    I've been juggling about 8 or 9 years but tried 9 balls for the first time at a juggling convention last autumn. At that point I could only get about 14 or 15 catches with 7, so if you you're at that good (or bad) give it a try.
    No wait, what am I doing encouraging people to learn 9 ball? That is the only trick I can do that other people can't do...

  • 4. "I'm just now trying to learn 5 ball cascade, and it is blowing my mind. How in the world do you ever make it to 7, 8, 9+ objects?"
    "I am just writing to ask for some tips, could you give me some tips on how to juggle 6 & 7 balls, I have been trying for ages."

    Sorry, I'm not very good at putting juggling advise into words which you probably know if you've read any of my posts to rec.juggling. However, there is a guy called Prof. Boppo who has written some advise for those wanting to try juggling stupid amounts of balls and clubs.

  • 5. "Hi, Our names are Alia and Sandy, and we were in class one day and found your webpage. It's really good and you're pretty cute."
    "Your pictures are beautiful, lucky dog.... Oh yah you have a sexy ass"

    Ok, more questions that aren't really questions but I have to put somewhere...

  • 6. "Website de Niza. Gracias por dejarme firmar su..."

    In English please...

  • 7. "Can I use one of your pictures?"
    "I have borrowed the Bibi Bichu picture from your web page, I hope that this isnt a problem......"
    "I saved the image , hope it's ok."

    Anyone can use any picture on my website as long as they a) don't make any money off it, b) credit me for it, c) email me about it and d) maybe put a link to my website from it if it's on a website.

  • 8. "do you have any piccies of ....?"
    "I'm looking for pictures of ..."

    If you don't see a picture of someone on my website of something/someone that you think should be one there: look harder.

    Or email me.

  • 9. "where do those huge tennis balls come from?"
    "I'm looking for a set of tennisballs like yours"

    I got them from a toy department in a local post office. I actually bought 4 then went back for some more after one was thrown on a fire. I did have 6 but along the line I lost one.

    Also, concerning these balls, one of those freaky identicle twin things happened as my brother bought a set of 3 of them from a different shop in a different country in the same week as I purchased mine with no knowledge of me doing so. It's things like this make me put some faith into the claims that twins are telepathic....

  • 10. "could you possibly tell me how i would go about copying videos i have 2 vcrs and a scart lead. could you give me a step by step plan i could follow"


  • 11. "I was wondering, what program do you use to compress your movie files?"
    "I just got a sony videocam and was wondering how to convert videos into the computer (mpeg or avi). Do you use a capture card ? Any other methods ?"

    I'm not an expert and things like this. I just use a digital camcorder, fire wire cable, digital capture card, some crappy video editing software called ulead studio and quicktime thingy. It works for me, though the video clips I put up aren't really as good quality as I'd like but if they were they would be massive and take ages to download.

  • 12. "Since you captured some stuff on tape, are you providing some kind of "Unofficial video" if I offer you some cash?"
    "... I would be VERY pleased if you give me a copy of it (I will pay the transport ...)"
    "I was wondering if we could possibly have a copy of your footage?"

    Loads of people want copies of videos that I shoot with my camera, both juggling videos and others. At the moment I have quite a backlog to get through. So if you do want a copy of anything you think I have on camera, send me an email but don't sit by the door every morning waiting for the postman. Also I will only send videos to people in the UK.

  • 13. "Is there any chance I could have a copy of your Gatto video. (I bet I am not the first one to ask you for this)"

    No, you're not.

  • 14. "where are you? email me I am crazy about juggling"
    "I just thought I would do some advertising for your website. I have emailed everyone on my mailing list."

    Where I do like compliments about me and my website, scarey internet freaky stalkers aren't encouraged.

    You know who you are.

  • 15. "I think your really cute!"

    Thanks. By the way, its spelt "you're".

  • 16. "I'm sorry if I'm annoying but I want to be your Helen of Troy"

    Ok, I thought it was nice that you sent me a valentines card but you're not funny anymore. Who are you by the way?

  • 17. "Did you ever see the film 'you've got mail'? it's kinda like that. you know me, but you don't know it's me. make sense?"

    Do I hate you in real life? 'Cos you're sure making me feel uncomfortable via the net. Go on, give me a clue who you are...

  • 18. "There are no clues i can give you that won't totally give me away and i can't tell you who i am because you will be really disappointed!"

    Ok, don't email me any more and I won't email you. Simple.

    I still wouldn't mind knowing who you are...

  • 19. "i'm sorry. i was going to confess to your face but i can't do it! a friend of mine told me that if i told you how i feel, then i would feel better, so here goes...I know you don't feel the same but i can't stop thinking about you.
    i get butterflys every time i see you and i know this e-mail is really tac so i'm not telling who i am incase i die next time i see you and you don't have to respond if you don't want to. i'm not a psycho (honest) and i don't expect anything to come of this, it's just the only way i could tell you. i feel really stupid sending this but my friend will be offended if i don't take her advice.
    sorry again.
    bye xxx"

    ARGH! ARGH!!!!! Get away from me freak!!!

  • 20. "Did you film gatto at the convention?"

    Oh for f***s sake...

2001 Luke Burrage