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Join us at our annual summer naked juggling festival for the fun time of your life!

The 2001 NJA Summer Festival will be in Enlightenment, Iowa. The dates will be Tuesday through Saturday, July 24 through July 28, 2001, inclusive. Stay tuned for further information.
Founded in 1982, the Naked Jugglers' Association is a non-profit organization uniquely dedicated to the advancement and promotion of naked juggling worldwide. The NJA membership represents an incredibly diverse array of body shapes, ages, skills and interests, and spans the range from full-time working professional naturists to hobbyists.

Join the NJA and you'll receive the bi-monthly glossy magazine JUGS and the yearly roster of NJA members!

NJA members: Have you bought a NJA t-shirt?

Well, if you have done, please notify us at telling us where and who you purchased it from. There is no such thing as a NJA t-shirt, or any other item of merchandise that you wear. At the next festival there will be an annoymous t-shirt bin. Put your illegal items of clothing there with no fear of retribution.

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NJA Festivals
The NJA's big annual summer gathering is a naked juggling festival that attracts several hundred recreational and professional naked jugglers, who get together to have great FUN! The only requirement for attending an NJA festival is that you can juggle, and you can do so naked. The 2001 Summer festival will be in Enlightenment, Iowa. Plan to attend this exciting event!

Joining the NJA
We invite you to become a member of the NJA and enjoy the many benefits, including JUGS magazine and an annual roster of jugglers.

World Naked Juggling Day
Saturday, august 26, 2001 is a day for jugglers around the world (on every continent!) to celebrate together by juggling naked. We hope as many naked jugglers as possible will participate, and we expect prizes will be provided by various sponsors (eg: Mullar Suntan, Kingsmill Bread, etc) Stay tuned for more information.

Clubs & Naked Affiliates
Find out about naked juggling clubs in your area or where you may be visiting, and learn about the NJA's program for affiliates and how to organize a naked affiliate club.

NJA Championships
See the NJA competition results including longest juggling, um, club.

NJA Awards
Here is a list of NJA Award Recipients over the years.

NJA Discussion Forum
The NJA has an web forum for discussion of business and operational matters related to the NJA. The forum offers access to all past postings.

Business matters
Here's where you'll find the Bylaws of the organization along with minutes of Board meetings and other official stuff.

The NJA Mission
Find out more about the NJA and its mission: to promote naked juggling throughout the world.

Contact the NJA
Head here if you want to reach NJA officials about skin type, membership, merchandise or questions.

Change of address
Go here to report a change in your address, phone or email, or to add an email address to your entry in the next roster.

The NJA's color glossy magazine JUGS presents pictures, reviews, pictures, interviews, pictures, how-to's pictures and news of the naked juggling world, including lists of naked juggling clubs and upcoming naked juggling events. NJA membership includes a subscription to JUGS

NJA Store
The NJA Store is loaded with videotapes including highlight and championships tapes from NJA festivals as well as instructional tapes. Other nifty naked juggling related items include a Rastelli juggling wrist-watch, which doesn't quite go against the naked juggling rules.

Pictures of some competitors at the 9th NJA Festival in Central Park, New York. And lots of other pictures as well.

NJA and the Naked Olympics
The NJA has joined with the Naked Olympics to teach naked olympians to juggle.

Naked Pink Birds
The Naked Pink Birds are a group of NJA ladies who support and encourage naked juggling for women, children and families.

Related links
A list of some interesting sites related to the naked arts.  

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