nine ball flash
Status: Notorious
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Last night there was the first ever online juggling convention. Well, that is what it was advertised as but to me it seemed suspiciously like an internet chatroom with jugglers chatting about juggling stuff. I got there a few hour late because I had been out drinking so when I arrived there was only a few people there yet they all seemed to know who I was. I can only think it has something to do with this website...

 oops, fell asleep there for a moment...
 hey, try my website: www. something something. erm. oops
 so lukas,  are the same as Luke barrage
 or are you someone else
 I am that same Luke
 It seems I've acheived notoriety....
 yeah,  everyone loves you
 How did you do that lukas?  I'm seriously out of the loop.
 do what?
 acheive notoriety
 bad humour, blatant self promotion, etc
 And then I could gain notoriety, huh?
 Ok, here's some tips on gaining notoriety:
 1/ do something original
 2/ tell people about it
 3/ ask them to tell other people about it
 4/ deny all
 5/ admit all publicly
 6/ play down your achievements while basking in admiration
 is that all you have to do?
 It sounds like you puked in someone's car, told your
      friends, who told others, later denied it, then admitted it.  Then
      you were Luke barrage,  congrats.
 you came up with a purfect example.
 #6 is important, I've noticed.
 so is #1.
 #7  get drunk and tell everyone your secret to notoriety
 well, there you go...

2001 Luke Burrage