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Total amount of lightbulbs Iíve smashed: 4
Most times Iíve smashed the end of my left thumb with a club handle in one hour: 54
Most times Iíve smacked myself in the face with a club handle in one hour: 28
Total amount of times Iíve caught one club on another in a balance totally by accident: 3
Total amount of times Iíve caught one club on another in a balance on purpose: 0
Highest throw with a club resulting in a broken club: 58 cm
Amount of times my camcorder has been hit by juggling clubs: 13


Number of balls Iíve bought for juggling: 112 +
Times Iíve cracked the back of my hand off the top of my wardrobe while snatching at a wild throw resulting in blood and swelling: just once
Times people have reminded me ďDonít juggle in your bedroom.Ē: 4923
Times Iíve been thrown out of Hollywood Bowl for attempting 3 bowling ball backcrosses: just once
Average per juggling club/convention Iíve been asked ďHow many is that?Ē: 69
Amount of benbeeverbarnesybags I can launch from one hand: 12
Most pointless siteswap I can do: D131313131


Donít do rings. Or any other jewellery.


Amount of times I've been stopped by the police for blocking up the street with crowds watching my blindfolded knife juggling: just once
Times C. Sutton has annoyed me by posting pathetic responses to rec.juggling: every day
Average amount of emails asking me "How do you..." I recieve each week: 9
Times I've lied when asked "How many is that?": Never!
Distance I can pedal backwards on a unicycle before falling off: 2 m
Wierdest place/object I've juggled: 3 2.5 kg turkeys in a -28c freezer
Do I swing poi?: no

© 2001 Luke Burrage