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48th Scarborough Juggling Convention
Early Announcement
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This is a copy of an email I sent to the ukjugglers email group thingy because they were discussing how manchester booked their convention next year a week after this years one had finished...

Hi all,

Here is just a short message to say that the 48th Scarborough Juggling Convention will be on Saturday the 16th of March, 2058. I know I'm announcing it a bit early, but put that date in your diarys.

Still, expect the same fun and games that you had at the 1st Scarborough Convention way back in 2001 and all those since.

Promotional junk follows....

49th Scarborough Juggling Convention

The venue is the old HyperBowlStadium, located on floors 167 to 189 inclusive of the Nicholas Bateman Memorial Tower. Parking on the roof at low cost.

Traders, Shows, Beer, Games and new this year, an on-site brothel.

You'll have a chance to try out the new props that are Astro-Balls; not the retro glowing balls but 100 mm spheres of pure space/time energy. You have got to see these babies fly.

This year the show will be featuring the up and coming tallent that is Anthony Gatto III, who at the age of 11 has just acheived his place in the Guiness Book of Galactic Records as the youngest person to qualify 14 rings.
Luke Burrage is porting back from his tour in the Centuri System with his new passing partners, Q43, a 4th level droid and !-!, his telepathic zenomorph from the second planet of Sirius Minor. We expect big things from the one time resident of Scarborough Univercity.
Also veteran performer Jay Gilligan has come down from his cave and has asked to show us some of his more recent 3 ball tricks. Now that he's had his 3rd arm mended I'm sure we'll be in for a treat.

Anyone considering entering the number competions: after the fiasco at the 47th convention clones of ones self are now strictly forbidden to enter under the same name. Dave, you know who you are.

If you want to appear in the renegade arena, we are allowing anything except public mutaul suicide pacts. This due to following acts slipping on the resulting blood and the fact the hospital complained of lack of space in it's morgue last year.

Workshops include Mills Mess Extension v.0.2, Burrages Bastard, and the new trick Garfields Gullet (bring your own knives, blunt if possible), lazer spinning and also a special, one off lecture on the history of poi swinging titled "The Rise and Fall of Poi - a closer look". Ben Beever will be doing an advanced siteswap workshop concentrating on the siteswap 6*791*(34,34)87ab/c(b/5+2na)83*791791. He advises you to put this through Jongl v.94.4 (or higher) and try it for yourself first.

The convention costs a mere 87,687,000 euros or 12 old pounds. We accept both, but prefer pounds as it is the standard galactic tender.

Hope to see you there, if not you can download the edited memories from the website afterwards. Check back later for details, prices, ect.

The Organisers.

2001 Luke Burrage