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The Personal Celebration
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Imagine doing a juggling trick so fantastic that you just couldn't keep it to yourself, you just had to show some other people. Your only problem? You can only do it once every 50 tries and you can never do it at all when someone watches you. Your solution? Get a video camera, sit it on a tripod and film yourself until you get it, then upload it onto the internet to make everyone think you can do the trick every time try.

The thing is, we KNOW you can't do it every time you try! It's simple to tell, we just look at your reaction to pulling off that trick, your little personal celebration.

Now I like to watch video clips of people doing cool tricks. I have a broadband conection at home and even the biggest files zip onto my screen in no time, so I've probably seen more than the average juggling interweb geek. My problem is that I often know the trick that is going to be done and have seen it before so I find myself waiting for the end of the trick, ready to slot the personal celebration into one of the following categories. I'll describe them here and also give some tips on how to make these work for you when you catch that mean trick you want on camera for the first time...

A very recent video has been brought to my attention which has a personal celebration to shame all others. It has to be included here just to show how important the personal celebration can be. This one takes up about three quarters of the entire vide clip:
7 ball force bounce with many bonus points for the nod to camera, bow, jump for joy, fumble, attitude and subtle punching of the air. The thing is I think by the end it has moved away from a personal celebration to just pissing about in front of a camera.

So, there you go. Some of the more amusing ways to finish off your juggling video clip with personal celebrations. Go for the above, or plan something new.

But whatever you do, don't go for the effect that so many people strive to do; keep calm throughout the video, don't change facial expression, don't look at the camera and certainly never smile. This is to fool us all into thinking they do the trick ever day, time after time, no problemo mate. But we know better. Oh yes. If that's true, why not do it for an audience who can congratulate you at the time?

2002 Luke Burrage