This page is not very good. There are no pictures. There are no colours. There are no favorite links. There are no forms to fill in. There are no amusing little quotes. There are no sponsors. There are no animations. There is no subject. There is no title. There is no variety in the size or style of writing. There is no interaction. There is no clear structure. There are no hidden surprises. There is not an associated mailing list. There are no spelling mistakes to pick up on. There is no merchandise to order. There is nothing to click on. There will be no updates. There is no history. There are no reviews. There is no character. There is no midi file to listen to. There are no files to download. There is no themed screen saver. There is not a contact email address. There is no catchy mission statement. There is not a message saying under construction. There are no little smiley faces. There is no bad language. There is no nudity. There is no violence. There is no humour. There is no point. There is nothing that could be even remotely interesting to anyone, anywhere. This page is not very good.