Continued adventures in HDR photography (Israel)

I’m home! Which means I can upload some photos from the last trip. They are all over at the trip’s Sosauce album but I thought I’d share the HDR photos in a separate post.

My first attempts were hand crafted using gimp, but thanks to helpful comments I downloaded various bits of software, and all the images below are made with

To be honest, I’m really enjoying playing with this kind of photography, even if my efforts below are a bit bland. The software seems to render a lot of the surfaces into a single tone, which makes them seem very flat and plastic. And the saturation seems to suffer too. However, I’m not going to shell out on expensive software just yet…

Enfuse version of my previous effort:

A fountain in Haifa. I set the iso low to get a long exposure (for a blurred fountain), even with the camera pointed right into the sun.

Haifa at night. Lights shone directly into the camera, but just of shot, creating the hazy sides.

Haifa port. The bright lights, reflections and interesting shapes make for good HDR shots.

The pool deck of the Royal Princess.

The Dead Sea. The sky was a lot bluer in the normal exposed photo. Also, for those who don’t know the Dead Sea is shrinking, I took this photo at the 1994 shoreline.

The Dead Sea again. Note the shadowy people.

The Dome from the Mount of Olives. Again, he sky should be deeper blue here.

A wider view. The blurred edges to the tree look interesting, but not in a good way.

The inside of the the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. I’d have framed this shot better, but people were walking through all the time. This is the only HDR photo I’ve taken indoors and the effect is quite pleasing.

I’ll post some more general travel photos later.