New music video: Memory/Confusion

I went back and numbered my goals and plans for 2010, just so I can keep track of them better.

“6.1 – Write an album’s-worth of new songs and record them by the end of the year.”

I take 6.1 to mean a new song every month. Here’s a song I wrote in February. I wrote it on a piano on the last cruise I did, and relearned it again on my guitar this morning. It’s called “Memory/Confusion”, and is about the dual set of memories you take from a past relationship, how the good and the bad become more and more distant from each other over time. Each memory floats further and further to the extremes, until the entire relationship is split into black and white, with two different stories running parallel in your mind. One story is the bad, and leads to the breakup. The other story is the good, and leads to a hypothetical perfect future together.

The truth, of course, falls somewhere in the middle.