Luke Around The World – 20100101 – the intro episode

This is the intro episode of a new podcast project I’m planning to do. The truth is that I’ve already recorded a dozen episodes of the podcast, and could have published them weeks ago, but I’ve only just got round to recording the “first” episode. I guess when I’m at home I’m not in travel-mode, so travel-content gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list.


It’s an experiment with a new podcast format. I post photos of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen, but talk about it in an mp3 file. The two may or may not refer to each other closely, depending on what there is to talk about compared to what to see. This may or may not work, but at the moment the only plan is to see if it’s a good link between my various hobbies — podcasting, photography, travel, blogging, etc.

The podcast feed is: LATW RSS

I’ll schedule the next episodes to go live automagically once a day over the next few weeks. And even if you don’t want to listen to the podcast, each post will have loads of nice photos to look at (which is the reason I’ve not been posting many photos to the blog either).

Last year’s travels in 4 minutes: