Top 40 Jugglers of 2011 – Results Video

For the 9th year running I ran the poll, counted the votes, and presented the results in a fashion that I find entertaining and interesting. After the critical and popular success of the 2010 results video, I wanted to take an entirely new approach. I’m not going to go into all the reasons I made such an unapologetically inaccessible video, but here are some results a month or so later:

* 177 dislikes
* 6 accounts unsubscribed from my video updates
* 5 new people subscribed

Personally I found it to be a great success. All the jugglers who I really respect who watched the video told me it was hilarious, as did most of my friends. All the negative comments seemed to come from people who are only interested in consuming, and spending as little effort in that consumption as possible, and I don’t remember seeing any names of the negative commenters who have any kind of creative output that I enjoyed or consumed myself.

Or maybe I just enjoy trolling my own audience. That might be it.