Two Minute Pop album now available to stream and download!

Two Minute Pop is a concept album created with the following rules:

1. All songs must be 2 minutes long (or as close as possible) with the full 10 track album lasting just 20 minutes.
2. Each song must be completed within two days. The aim isn’t perfect recording and mixing, more important to get the tracks finished.
3. The album must be made entirely within Garage Band, with no additional samples or instruments.
4. All vocals recorded through the Apple Earphones’ microphone, with 100% autotune on every vocal track.
5. Every track must be pop music.
6. All songs appear on the album in the order recorded.

Listen for free and/or download it for €5:

In case the Bandcamp player above doesn’t work, you can listen to all and buy it via this link:

You can also find all the lyrics by following that link.

1. All Your Time (song for Kimmy)
2. I Like You (song for Axel)
3. Speed of Dark (song for Lou)
4. Call My Name (song for Anastasia)
5. How Much (song for T.P.E.G.)
6. Two Hearts
7. Making Music (Keytar In Your Face)
8. I Can’t Stand It (song for unknown)
9. Robopope (lyrics by Sir Bastard of CHRIStFUCK)
10. Science Nerd In Love

The album took three years to complete (or, to put it another way, 20 days to complete). About half the songs reused lyrics from previous songwriting sessions and the rest were written from scratch.