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Juggling Podcasts with Luke and Pola

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About the shows:

Luke Burrage and Pola Braendle are professional jugglers based in Berlin, Germany. Each week they talk (in English) about events in the juggling world, review shows, report on festivals and conventions, interview top jugglers and cover many other topics.

Don't worry if you aren't a good juggler or you're not connected with the juggling scene in any way. Luke and Pola don't talk technical details of juggling tricks, instead they discuss bigger issues such as making a living by juggling, creativity and performing, the state of the world of juggling...

Warning: podcast contains strong opinions!

One big feature of the podcasts are the special guest interviews with some of the world's greatest juggling performers. So far Luke and Pola have done feature interviews with Ryo Yabe, Emiliano Alessi Sanchez, Thomas Dietz, Taras Pozdnyakov, Mikhail Usov, Stefan Sing, Viktor Kee, Eric Nilson, Team Rootberry, Charlie Dancey, Jeff and Wes Peden, Marco Bonissimo and Bibi and Bichu. And because Luke and Pola are friends with other top jugglers, they've been promised interviews with jugglers like Sean Gandini and Kati Yla-Hokkala, Eric Aberg, Maksim Komaro, Marco Pauletti, Donald Grant, Get the Shoe and quite a few more besides.

So subscribe, download, sit back and enjoy the Juggling Podcasts!


Contact Luke and Pola:
Emails to with any questions, ideas, suggestions, complaints or praise. If you ask a specific question in your email, Luke will reply to you, but if you don't, he gets 4 or 5 emails about the podcast every day so he'll just smile, nod, and file it away in his podcast folder.

Some recent feedback:

  • "Although I've said it before, your podcast is still the BEST."
  • "Can I be in the podcast feedback quotes list?"
  • "Keep up the awesome podcast and juggling!"
  • "Your podcast is absolutely fantastic!"
  • "im emailing you to say again thanks for the brilliant podcasts, keep up your good work."
  • "Could you let me know when you post your thoughts on the WJF, I greatly enjoyed the BJC podcast and want to hear more."
  • "I listened to it with my girlfiend, a non-juggler, and she enjoyed the podcast too."
  • "I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all your hard work on those podcasts. I've listened to every single one so far, and I definitely think they keep getting better, both in terms of content and even sound quality."
  • "the podcasts are the donkey's gnads! Or is it the dogs bullox?"
  • "Just to say: What a wicked podcast!"
  • "Thanks a lot for the huge section on my questions Great podcast as always."
  • "I really enjoyed to podcast this week. Keep it going."
  • "I have been listening to your podcast and I have to say it is great. I have been waiting for a juggling podcast for a long time."
  • "Currently listening to your podcasts, which I still very much enjoy!!!"
  • "thanks for the podcast. very entertaining as usual, the bit after the end music always makes me listen right to the end"
  • "I like the humor in it. its subtil. i really like pola as your sidekick. "
  • "i really enjoy each podcast as soon as i see them i download it... so yeah, great work, great thinking, high 5, and a gold star!"
  • "Loving the podcasts!"
  • "A fascinating podcast."
  • "I listen to 19 podcasts each week, and yours is my 3rd favourite."
  • "Hi Pola! Can I have your autograph?"
  • "That was a great Podcast. It was the most fun I had while sitting on butt, working, and listening to a podcast."
  • "Thanks Luke! Brilliant!"
  • "Thanks Luke, I enjoyed your podcast very much."
Your technical questions answered:

What the hell is a podcast?
A podcast is like a radio show, but one you listen to on your mp3 player or computer, rather than on an FM radio.

To subscribe to this podcast, please use this link:

Confused? Well, due to clever people doing magic with computers, if you have iTunes or other similar podcast downloading software you can use that link to have the Juggling Podcast dowloaded onto your computer every week without ever visiting this page again. Great, eh?

For example, in iTunes:

  • select the "Podcast" page
  • click "Advanced" in the top menu
  • select "Subscribe to podcast"
  • into the box that says URL copy this text:
  • hit OK.
  • From then on every episode of Juggling Podcasts will be downloaded automatically to your computer.
How do I download without subscribing?
To download the latest or past episodes of Juggling Podcasts, follow this link, and "right click -> save as" any of the links you find.

Another way to download any of the Juggling Podcasts is to check out this list of files and work it out yourself:

How many people listen to the podcast?
More and more each week. At the last count, about 750 to 800 downloads for each podcast within two weeks of it being released.