About the IJSF

The aims of the ISJF are:
I want to win an Olympic Gold medal.
More aims. (under construction)

The next ISJF competition will be held at:
Whatever juggling converntion I go to next.

The rules of the ISJF:
1. Do not speak until spoken to.
2. Juggling is a religion.
3. Set aside all creativity.
More rules.
Even more rules.

The full members rosta:
More members. (under construction)

How you can help:
1. Give money.
2. Don't laugh.
3. Spam the Olympic B.o.D.
More sugestions.

Member Spotlight: Albert Lukas

Hi, my name is Albert Lukas and I'm the Executive Global Director of the International Sports Juggling Federation. I hold this possition because I was voted in unanimously by all 11 other members of Board of Directors. They are all me. Yes, I am all 12 members of the board. Wondering how I hold all these high and lofty possitions? Well, I was voted in to all of them by 100% of the official federation membership. Me.

Here is a photo of me succesfully juggling 16 rings for 1 cycle. What do you think?

Contrary to popular belief, I am a very honest person. I never fake photos or make false claims.

I'm much better at scarf juggling. I can do 4 of them.

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© 2002 Bert Lukas