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Hello and welcome to the No.27 Juggling Club website. We are a group of insects and invertibrates dedicated to promoting juggling and other circus skills in the Back Yard of Number 27. We are a very new juggling club and as yet there are only a few of us who meet regularly but we are hoping to build both our profile and our numbers over the next few months.

  • Where we meet: The bottom right corner, under the shed, the back yard, No.27.

  • When we meet: So far we have been getting together every Wednesday evening from 6 to 8.30 and most Sunday afternoons at about 2.

  • Does it cost? Not yet but we might have to start hiring the corner when the janitor, Ralph, gets sick of us.

See you there!

Hi, my name is Wesley and I am the webmaster here at the No.27 Juggling Club. I've written some profiles of other members so you can get to know us better. Click on the "Members Profiles" link for them and on the "The Comics" for the, well, the comics.

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The characters on these pages are entirely fictitious, any similarities to you, or anyone else you know who juggles, are coincidences and completely unintentional.<
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