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I have put on other parts of my thing on the net that you should come to this bit to see pictures of me juggling. The thing is there wasn't actually any pictures of me juggling here. So here's some for the inquisitive.

Infact, all I've done is looked around my and collected together all the pictures of me doing juggly stuff from my site...

Here is a rare picture of me flashing 17 50g beanbags.

Ok, maybe I've doctored this photo from one of me flashing 9. You can see a video of me doing this over here.

Me juggling 4 cardboard tubes.

These two are of me performing at a durham juggling convention. Left, a real jump start onto a rola bola (i've not seen this done before) and right, juggling 5 oversized tennis balls (5).

Me on a high wire. Well, not that high.

Here is me performing, um, somewhere. 3 knives blindfolded? Easy. Ish.

Here is a picture of me juggling 3 clubs and a 14 inch black rubber dildo. Or maybe it was an umbrella.

Lots and lots more videos on the way. Just hope my computer doesn't break for another month.

2003 Luke Burrage