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This is the best place on the net to find brand new original tricks, juggling tricks so hard it takes the best jugglers in the world multiple attempts to get them right, world record numbers juggling... plus lots of stupid tricks and stunts.

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- Lots of balls, clubs and rings. Plus videos of world records.
- Very Hard Juggling tricks along with New Original 3 ball tricks unseen elsewhere.
- Juggling involving more than one juggler.

- Funny, unusual, dangerous, stupid.
- Video clips that don't fit into the other sectios
- Every juggling movie in one big random list, minus the videos in the latest releases sectio below.
Latest releases:
June Competition Videos: 6 videos featuring montages of the hardest, most original, cutting edge juggling tricks anywhere on the internet.

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MPG - 690 kb

By request - 5 ball burkes barrage. Also the siteswap 726 which the 5 ball version of burkes barrage is based on. Requested by someone off rec.juggling.
MPG - 898 kb

In Charlie Dancey's book "The Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling" he describes the trick Burkes Barrage incorrectly. This has lead to a large split in the juggling community over the correct technique for the trick. To be honest I don't care either way but it does open up the way for a neat new trick.

This video is of the two main variations of Burkes Barrage plus both of them combined into a 5 ball multiplex pattern I like to call Burkes Burrage.

MPG - 318 kb

By request - Bored Contortion. Probably not the real name for this trick but that is what I've decided to call it. The idea is to juggle with one arm behind your back and then look away from the pattern. This is harder than it looks. Suggested by Scott.
MPG - 498 kb

By Request - 3 high headstack from 5 balls. Simply juggle 5 balls and end up with three of them stacked on your head and one in each hand. Mind you, this is much easier with saggy bags than balls. Suggested by Peter.
MPG - 712 kb

By Request - 5 ball clawed cascade. Does what it says on the tin with added maw to go with the paw. Includes 3 ball version for comparison. Suggested by... um, someone of the IJDb chatroom, can't remember who.
MPG - 282 kb

When I did this for the camera I was sure I got 12 catches, 2 cycles, qualified it, whatever. Unfortunately it seems that all along my counting technique for 6 clubs is off and I've been doing 11 catches each time. This annoys me slightly as my record by this way of counting is only 12 catches, not 13 like I thought. Oh well.

6 clubs, 11 catches as requested by... well, nobody, but once Vova did say that we should have a 6 club competition. He wins.

3 tricks by request:

1 - Placing a ball behind my head and either dropping it or throwing it over my head... various combinations of backdrops and things -
MPG - 1600 kb (requested by Stefan)

2 -Catching spinning rings on other rings in a cascade pattern -
MPG - 780 kb (requested by Paul)

3 - Clawed mills mess into mills mess above the head and then back down into clawed mills mess again -
MPG - 890 kb (requested by Norbi)

MPG - 2906 kb

Here is the first of a few videos from the spring convention season. At the British Juggling Convention I hosted the first night of the Renegade Stage Show which gave me as much time as I wanted to do whatever I wanted.

Here is me trying out something new, something I certainly had no idea how or if it would work: I give you blind juggling.

This mainly involved me putting coins over my eyes and gaffa taping them shut, stumbling onto stage and having all my balls stolen when I dropped them. As this messed up my original 3 ball routine I ended up doing some crowd pleasers to get the audience on my side. Well, I didn't know which side of me they were on, actually... so you get to see 3 ball mills mess, 4 ball fountain and a 5 ball flash with a neck catch.

MPG - 1857 kb

The Infamous Fire Jump (of death)! This is by far the most popular video I've ever posted due to a mention on the b3ta newsletter resulting in about 15,000 dowloads over one week.

The video is a cool trick that I had been planning on performing for about 2 years and finally got a chance at the BJC this year. The picture to the left here is half way through the trick... you can probably work it out for yourself...

MPG - 1006 kb

Here is me freemounting 10 foot of unicyle at the 10th British Unicycle Convention. This is very hard. Do not try it at home.

And yes, I did fall off because of that radio control rat.

MPG - 15 MB The Anthony Gatto Drop Montage

Now is your chance to see "the worlds best juggler" do what you've always wanted him to do... FAIL! Download this movie to see him miscatch, make wild grabs, hurt himself, dive for cover, try again and again to get a trick. Ever wanted to see what it looks like when someone drops 12 rings while trying pulldowns? Ever wanted to see what 5 club alberts look like when they go bad? Ever wanted to see 7 club backcrosses flung wild?

This is an old video that I've just got around to putting on my website... but just a big up to Tony Cake. These are all the drops in an entire 3 hour practice session and he managed every trick he failed at, apart from the 12 ring pulldown. And the last trick you see.

Lots more videos on the way...

2003 Luke Burrage