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Grab a friend or two and try some of this:

MPG - 705KB Last year at the European Juggling Convention Ben Beever and I passed balls for the first time. I think I had done it maybe once before but Ben practices all the time with a guy called Graham. We had a go at some numbers passing and quickly progressed to 16 and 17 balls. We tried 18 but didn't quite get it. I think by then we were pretty tired and went off to drink and play about with passing 5 clubs.

After a years break we decided to have a go at passing again in Bremen, this time with the aim of passing up to 20 balls between two people. We didn't get quite that far though it certainly is within reach, especially if we didn't only try once a year.

This video is of 17 and 18 ball passing. It took only 7 attempts to get the 18 flash for the first time, and as far as we know, this is the highest amount of any objects to be juggled between two people to date. Maybe a world record, if records for this type of thing existed.

MPG - 839KB Sean, Manu and Kati from the Gandini Juggling project think that they can pass rings between 2 and 3 people better than anyone else. After watching them practice for a bit I agree with them.

The video clip to the left is the three of them passing 17 rings until Sean pulls them all down over his head. Also check out this other video to see them running 18 rings for about as long as they can.

MPG - 1950 KB "The Russians"

Four boys aged twelve to thirteen passing sixteen clubs between them in the final act of the British Juggling Convention 2001 Show.

MPG - 1311kb Bibi, Bichu and Manu passing 13 clubs in a line at the end of the leeds juggling convention show. NEW!

MPG - 923kb Bibi and Bichu are two Ethiopian jugglers who have been performing with the Gandinis. Here is a short clip of them passing 9 clubs back to back.
Well, I was impressed.

MPG - 277kb Manu laude and Toby walker passing 10.

Downlaod it, stick it on loop. Other looping videos:

Bibi and Bichu passing 9 clubs in a 2 count singles pattern.
MPG - 154kb

MPG - 926kb These are the Qian Brothers passing eighteen rings between them. This video clip is off a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a tv shows broadcast of footage captured on a handycam. Well, maybe not quite. Well worth the download time.
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