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Don't try this at home, kids.

MPG - 2906 kb

Here is the first of a few videos from the spring convention season. At the British Juggling Convention I hosted the first night of the Renegade Stage Show which gave me as much time as I wanted to do whatever I wanted.

Here is me trying out something new, something I certainly had no idea how or if it would work: I give you blind juggling.

This mainly involved me putting coins over my eyes and gaffa taping them shut, stumbling onto stage and having all my balls stolen when I dropped them. As this messed up my original 3 ball routine I ended up doing some crowd pleasers to get the audience on my side. Well, I didn't know which side of me they were on, actually... so you get to see 3 ball mills mess, 4 ball fountain and a 5 ball flash with a neck catch.

MPG - 1857 kb

The Infamous Fire Jump (of death)! This is by far the most popular video I've ever posted due to a mention on the b3ta newsletter resulting in about 15,000 dowloads over one week.

The video is a cool trick that I had been planning on performing for about 2 years and finally got a chance at the BJC this year. The picture to the left here is half way through the trick... you can probably work it out for yourself...

MPG - 1006 kb

Here is me freemounting 10 foot of unicyle at the 10th British Unicycle Convention. This is very hard. Do not try it at home.

And yes, I did fall off because of that radio control rat.

MPG - 422kb Here a video of me doing a 12 ball flash in my back yard. While not breaking the current world record this trick does equal it. So far only 2 other people have managed it: Bruce Sarafian and Ben Beever.

Also this video is a hoax. Me flashing 12 balls was all just an April Fools Day joke on you.

MPG - 15 MB The Anthony Gatto Drop Montage

Now is your chance to see "the worlds best juggler" do what you've always wanted him to do... FAIL! Download this movie to see him miscatch, make wild grabs, hurt himself, dive for cover, try again and again to get a trick. Ever wanted to see what it looks like when someone drops 12 rings while trying pulldowns? Ever wanted to see what 5 club alberts look like when they go bad? Ever wanted to see 7 club backcrosses flung wild?

This is an old video that I've just got around to putting on my website... but just a big up to Tony Cake. These are all the drops in an entire 3 hour practice session and he managed every trick he failed at, apart from the 12 ring pulldown. And the last trick you see.

MPG - 747KB At the London Juggling Convention I put my camera on the floor and tried a few tricks. Here is what happened when I had a go at running 6 clubs, over my camera, with a crowd of people watching. Can you guess what happened?
MPG - 1283KB Ewano Punishes Lukas
MPG - 84KB
Burrages Boat Mime (rocking boat mime using a ball to metaphorically show the unbalance of people).
A contact juggling move I made up. I can't actually do this move (or any contact juggling tricks) so you might notice the slight lack of shaddow behind the cgi ball. And how I'm not even looking at the ball.
Still, it fooled all the guys at contactjuggling.org
MPG - 615KB Revenge of Giant Juggling Balls from Mars, Luke Burrage is a victim of the first attack.
MPG - 259KB World Juggling Day 2001

"For the un-initiated, this was a 3 car shower, followed by a 3 car cascade (once the drivers had figured out which way to go). All on the side of a hill, so that Luke could video it ...

We would have done more objects, but there was a slight lack of people sober enough."

MPG - 2505 KB SaturdayNightRenegadeStageBJC2001...

Luke: Now for the first time ever on stage... rocket poi...

Haggis: He didn't tell me about this!

MPG - 2381 KB Luke wows the crowd with amazingly fantastic tennisball+can juggling...
MPG - 1225kb "I was at the Durham Juggling Convention and they were looking for acts for the show. Someone said to me 'Hey, you're good at ball juggling and we don't have anyone else juggling balls in the show.'
After finding out I was going to be given alcohol I agreed, then went to the bar and drank lots of other alcohol. By the time I got on stage I was having trouble focusing my eyes and dropped on my very first trick: a 3 ball cascade. I was using big tennis balls that are impossible to hold so give me a break. During my time on stage I finished off 2 and a half bottles of smirnof ice and ended my act with a drinking/juggling trick.

What you see here was my 3rd and last attempt at a 5 big tennis ball cascade."

A rather amusing piroette while sitting on a chair.
MPG - 595kb

2003 Luke Burrage