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"Hello. I'm Nigel J. Green, the most controversial character in the world of juggling on the internet. I've abused as many people as I could over the last 5 months or so. And because I'm a fictional character I don't have remorse."

Ok, you've guessed it now. It is actually me, Luke, behind the biggest wind up this side of the moon landings. You were fooled? I thought so.

I kept stringing everyone along for months but now I can't be bothered. After a bit of discussion with myself and my other fake personalities I've decided to call it a day. I was going to do so at many points in the past but never wanted to end something I'd spent so long putting together. April 1st was one target, I guess it will be June 1st.

Don't be upset, it was just a joke. I only agreed with a very small number of Nigel's views. However, if you do have any comments, good bad or hatemail, please send them to The best ones I'll add to this page, so come back and check it out.

If you still don't believe me on this and are convinced that I'm just winding you up again, double bluffing, and you think that N.J.Green is still a real person, check out my Diary of [the Bastard], an indepth look at the creation of his character and the technique for internet deception. The diary started getting a bit big after commentating every move of [the Bastard] so after a while I stopped keeping it up. I'll write a concluding entry there after this has all blown over. It is very long though so you might like to just skim read it and see all the points where you were taken in and feel stupid.

Thank you, thank you.

Nigel John Green

January - June 2001

Rest In Peace

© 2001 Luke Burrage