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MPG - 583KB Lena Kohn starting and running 3 diabolos.

MPG - 1049kb
Me juggling just 5 beanbags but with added live special camera fx. NEW!

For a description of this trick click here.

MPG - 787kb "This weekend I went to a juggling club for the first time ever. Just as everyone was packing up I asked Sean Mckinney if he would video me doing a 9 ball flash with a neck catch using my camera because he had caught me doing this trick on his camera earlier in the evening. I said I would give it 3 attempts. This was my 4th."

As you will see, I 've leared to juggle these simple tricks with my mouth shut, I still sometimes catch myself with my mouth open while I'm doing hard tricks.

A rather amusing piroette while sitting on a chair.
MPG - 595kb

4 big cardboard tubes.
AVI - 1624kb

2003 Luke Burrage