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Over in a flash! (also see the passing movie page)

MPG - 282 kb

When I did this for the I was sure I got 12 catches, 2 cycles, qualified it, whatever. Unfortunately it seems that all along my counting technique for 6 clubs is off and I've been doing 11 catches each time. This annoys me slightly as my record by this way of counting is only 12 catches, not 13 like I thought. Oh well.

6 clubs, 11 catches as requested by... well, nobody, but once Vova did say that we should have a 6 club competition. He wins.

MPG - 847kb

MPG - 1251kb

By request:

7 balls, 80 catches - the request was for a video of 100 catches but 80 catches was the best I could do the first time I tried videoing it.

6 balls, 30 seconds - this 6 ball run comes in at about 114 catches. This wasn't my longest run of 6 balls I got on camera but I've chosen it to put up here. Why? Check out those recoveries!

MPG - 422kb Here a video of me doing a 12 ball flash in my back yard. While not breaking the current world record this trick does equal it. So far only 2 other people have managed it: Bruce Sarafian and Ben Beever.

Also this video is a hoax. Me flashing 12 balls was all just an April Fools Day joke on you.

MPG - 705 kb Thomas Dietz from Germany juggling 8 balls in a half shower pattern for about 30 catches.
MPG - 6229KB Ok, forget about me struggling to flash 7 clubs, how about watching Anthony Gatto setting the 7 club record at the BJC2k in York? A big video but I'm sure it will prove popular with numbers geeks.
MPG - 305KB After managing to successfully pull off a few 7 club flashes last night I set my camera to record. All I got was this very messy thing. But it will do for now.
MPG - 319KB Here is a video of me flashing 11 balls at the EJC2002 in Bremen.

Also see this other video of me flashing 11 balls at chocfest7.

Tell me which one you like best.

MPG - 105KB Question: What is the world record for ball juggling and who holds it?

Answer: 12 catches of 12 balls (12 ball flash) is the most anybody has ever juggled. Bruce Sarafian first managed this trick a few years ago and the only person ever to equal the feat is Ben Beever. Thanks to Henry Segerman for submitting this video clip.

mpg - 349kb 9 balls flashed on a rola bola, not much I can say about this trick really.
MPG - 561KB Luke Burrage flashes 6 clubs. Instead of learning numbers club juggling with thin, light clubs (like Radical Fish) he decided to buy the biggest, heaviest clubs he could (Renegade Fatheads) and try it with them.

The idiot.

MPG - 467 KB After the success of the video "3 balls different ways" I thought I'd make my own video and call it "10 balls different ways". It is only a few seconds long because I can only do 10 balls in three different ways. They are asynchronous fountain, synchronous fountain and the wimpy (crossing) pattern but I tell you, there sure aint nowt wimpy about doing it with 10.

Sorry about the dark lighting in the video, that is what the weather in Scarborough is like over the period of 15 minutes that I videoed myself trying to get 11. I wasn't even going to bother putting the little video on this site because it wasn't very good quality but then... well, who cares... hmmmm.

MPG - 763kb "Here is a movie of me flashing nine 50g barnesy bags at BOB2. It took me ages to flash this for the camera, the pressure got to me and there were people watching me. Then I dropped a beanbag down the back of the stage and while I was thinking about that I flashed nine straight away. I threw the balls down in disgust.

And I know I can only juggle with my mouth open so laugh at me as much as you want." Update - I'ved cured this now.

MPG - 879kb Ben Beever flashing eleven 50g Barnesy Bags (B4's). He only tried 5 times to get this trick on camera.

Other videos of ben:

20 balls, 9 catches. No, wait, that is 9 balls, 20 catches...
MPG - 970kb

7 balls with a 4 ball multiplex throw half way through.
MPG - 1237kb

MPG - 1419kb Here is another video of Ben Beever flashing 11 balls.

This one is in slow motion, from another angle and has an added bonus of a juggling club hitting the camera in the same shot.


MPG - 923kb Jian Wan Qian flashing eight badminton rackets. He holds three in each hand and then holds the other two upright by trapping them under the edge of his feet.

MPG - 969kb While Anthony Gatto practiced at BJC2k quite a crowd turned up to watch him. I noticed that he kept breaking world records so I thought I better start catching them on camera. Here he is doing backcrosses with seven clubs.

Other videos of Anthony:

Five club Aberts (crotch throws)
MPG - 1170kb

Seven clubs with a head bounce.
MPG - 1200kb

Eleven ring pulldowns.
MPG - 1277kb

More boring videos of high numbers juggled by Anthony Gatto (official world records):

9 balls, 106 catches
mpg - 3000kb

9 rings, 90 catches
mpg - 3000kb

10 rings, 25 catches
MPG - 1713kb

12 rings, 12 catches
MPG - 1277kb

The official world record list is over here. And another, unofficial list is over here.

I like the unofficial list better because it gives more information and higher numbers, though all the records are just claims and rumours and haven't been validated with video evidence, like the first list has.

And I'm on the second list.

For lots of photos of Anthony Gatto juggling try here.

2003 Luke Burrage