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2000 Luke Burrage

I walked into the main hall on Friday afternoon and it looked a bit like this:

I thought "where could everyone be?"

Then I found them...

BJC2k Gallery - Anthony Gatto's bit

Anthony Gatto is probably the best juggler in the world. He specialises in doing insanely difficult tricks and bouncing a ball on his head at the same time. He holds a whole bunch of world records, etc, etc. For more information check out his website at, but there are more pictures of him here.

Anthony Gatto.
Obviously, if you start juggling when you're 3 years old and have a dad who picks up your juggling stuff when you drop it all, you'd expect something special and watching Anthony practice was quite an experience.

Here I've put a load of photos of Anthony juggling stuff. I've broken it down into 3 sections ball juggling, ring juggling and club juggling.


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2000 Luke Burrage