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Anthony Gatto's Juggling Secret Uncovered
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Every juggler knows that the worlds best juggler is Anthony Gatto. He holds more juggling world records than everyone else put together. It's quite sickening really.

Here's a picture of him flashing 12 rings. Can you do that? Of course not...

However, I have discovered the secret to his abilities. Interested?

Well, it's like this. Anthony attended the british juggling convention this spring. One of the raffle prizes was a set of his clubs. Another prize was a set of three balls. I won the second (and less known) prize.

And I've worked out how to switch them on

That's right, after playing with them for a while yesterday, I heard a click and one of the balls just sort of floated in midair. After a while I managed to switch the other ones on. It goes something like this:

5 sharp taps switches them on.
Then, to enter the menu system, another 5 taps followed by the menu setting you want.
So, 5:1:1 switches the ball off again, while 5:2:1 switches on the gravity negate function.

I haven't managed to work out the entire menu, but here is a demonstration of 5:4:1 (float for 3 on high throws):

Well, there you go. A 3 ball, 3 up piroette while sitting on one of my dining room chairs.

So, now when you hear people talk about Anthony Gatto's juggling skill, you'll know its all a farce...

This weekend I'm going see if I can open one of the balls and discover the precise technology that is use, and maybe sell it. Whoever won the set of clubs in the raffle, maybe if you tap them a few times like above, you could juggle 7 clubs for over 3 minutes...

2001 Luke Burrage