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Anthony Gatto's Juggling Secret Uncovered
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part 2

Every juggler knows that the worlds best juggler is Anthony Gatto. He holds more juggling world records than everyone else put together. It's quite sickening really.

Here's a picture of him doing 9 balls with a head bounce. Can you do that? Of course not...

However, I have discovered the secret to his abilities. Interested?

It's this simple:

He only juggles in two dimensions.

That's right. I don't know why it took me so long to work this out. Let me explain...

We've all seen the cartoons and comic strips portaying cartoon carracters juggling. We've all noticed that they always juggle in the shower pattern and that they can all juggle at least 7 balls (eggs, knives, chainsaw, etc) instantly.

This got me thinking "How can cartoon carracters juggle so well so quickly?" and the conclusion is that because they are all hand drawn on paper, which is flat, they only have to worry about errors in two dimensions. Height and width. After this burst of inspiration I realised that if only I could also juggle in two dimensions, I could do 11 ball showers as well. It was then that I realised how Anthony Gatto had become so good.

After many weeks of effort to move myself out of the third dimension (depth) I was still no closer to my goal. Then to my surprise I succeeded but only for a split second. For ages I tried recreate this experience but to no avail. I then studied some footage of Anthony Gatto doing some very difficult juggling tricks and analysed his movements prior to his best efforts and worked out what I should do. It's hard to explain but what you have to do is turn just a few degrees through all four dimensions at once then back through only the third. I still haven't got the hang of it though, it takes a lot of concentration not to slip back into 3 dimensions.

Here is my new trick, "three clubs, two dimensions":

Well, there you go.

So, now when you hear people talk about Anthony Gatto's juggling skill, you'll know its all a farce...

2001 Luke Burrage