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2000 Luke Burrage

British Juggling Convention 2000 Gallery

Please give feedback on what you find here. There is a guestbook for this site somewhere. Oh, there is it just to the left.

One other thing, I'm hopeless at remembering names. And most of the people I took photos of I didn't know anyway.
So, if you spot some one here you recognise, email me and tell me who the are because most of the captions read "A juggler juggling with another juggler..."
Not that clever you see.

Animation - New. Check out this nifty gif of Anthony Gatto juggling 7 clubs. You can look at the small, quick loading one or the bigger, better quality one.

For text based browsers - A list of every photo in the gallery for people to select what they want to see.

People - A whole load of photos of people doing stuff.

Renegade - 3 nights of mayhem.

The Shows - the main one and the fire one.

Workshops - pictures of.

Anthony Gatto - photos of him throwing 12 rings, 7 clubs and loads more.

the ceilidh - a few pictures of it, the dancing unicyclists and the like.

the parade - a few pictures of the parade and the games.

Links to other sites BJC2k related:

BJC2k official site - for discussion after the event, where will bjc13 be, etc.

Get the video - from Alan Plotkin's site.

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