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One long, slow downloading page.

MPG - 690 kb

By request - 5 ball burkes barrage. Also the siteswap 726 which the 5 ball version of burkes barrage is based on. Requested by someone off rec.juggling.
MPG - 898 kb

In Charlie Dancey's book "The Encyclopaedia of Ball Juggling" he describes the trick Burkes Barrage incorrectly. This has lead to a large split in the juggling community over the correct technique for the trick. To be honest I don't care either way but it does open up the way for a neat new trick.

This video is of the two main variations of Burkes Barrage plus both of them combined into a 5 ball multiplex pattern I like to call Burkes Burrage.

MPG - 318 kb

By request - Bored Contortion. Probably not the real name for this trick but that is what I've decided to call it. The idea is to juggle with one arm behind your back and then look away from the pattern. This is harder than it looks. Suggested by Scott.
MPG - 498 kb

By Request - 3 high headstack from 5 balls. Simply juggle 5 balls and end up with three of them stacked on your head and one in each hand. Mind you, this is much easier with saggy bags than balls. Suggested by Peter.
MPG - 712 kb

By Request - 5 ball clawed cascade. Does what it says on the tin with added maw to go with the paw. Includes 3 ball version for comparison. Suggested by... um, someone of the IJDb chatroom, can't remember who.
MPG - 282 kb

When I did this for the I was sure I got 12 catches, 2 cycles, qualified it, whatever. Unfortunately it seems that all along my counting technique for 6 clubs is off and I've been doing 11 catches each time. This annoys me slightly as my record by this way of counting is only 12 catches, not 13 like I thought. Oh well.

6 clubs, 11 catches as requested by... well, nobody, but once Vova did say that we should have a 6 club competition. He wins.

3 tricks by request:

1 - Placing a ball behind my head and either dropping it or throwing it over my head... various combinations of backdrops and things -
MPG - 1600 kb (requested by Stefan)

2 -Catching spinning rings on other rings in a cascade pattern -
MPG - 780 kb (requested by Paul)

3 - Clawed mills mess into mills mess above the head and then back down into clawed mills mess again -
MPG - 890 kb (requested by Norbi)

MPG - 2906 kb

Here is the first of a few videos from the spring convention season. At the British Juggling Convention I hosted the first night of the Renegade Stage Show which gave me as much time as I wanted to do whatever I wanted.

Here is me trying out something new, something I certainly had no idea how or if it would work: I give you blind juggling.

This mainly involved me putting coins over my eyes and gaffa taping them shut, stumbling onto stage and having all my balls stolen when I dropped them. As this messed up my original 3 ball routine I ended up doing some crowd pleasers to get the audience on my side. Well, I didn't know which side of me they were on, actually... so you get to see 3 ball mills mess, 4 ball fountain and a 5 ball flash with a neck catch.

MPG - 1857 kb

The Infamous Fire Jump (of death)! This is by far the most popular video I've ever posted due to a mention on the b3ta newsletter resulting in about 15,000 dowloads over one week.

The video is a cool trick that I had been planning on performing for about 2 years and finally got a chance at the BJC this year. The picture to the left here is half way through the trick... you can probably work it out for yourself...

MPG - 1006 kb

Here is me freemounting 10 foot of unicyle at the 10th British Unicycle Convention. This is very hard. Do not try it at home.

And yes, I did fall off because of that radio control rat.

MPG - 845kb

By request:

6 ball stack multiplex mills mess - it would make a nice video, apparently.

Also requested was a video of 7441 with the 1 behind the back. As it happened I had a short clip of me doing this from last year some time so I stuck it on the net quickly.


MPG - 847kb

MPG - 1251kb

By request:

7 balls, 80 catches - the request was for a video of 100 catches but 80 catches was the best I could do the first time I tried videoing it.

6 balls, 30 seconds - this 6 ball run comes in at about 114 catches. This wasn't my longest run of 6 balls I got on camera but I've chosen it to put up here. Why? Check out those recoveries!

MPG - 422kb Here a video of me doing a 12 ball flash in my back yard. While not breaking the current world record this trick does equal it. So far only 2 other people have managed it: Bruce Sarafian and Ben Beever.

Also this video is a hoax. Me flashing 12 balls was all just an April Fools Day joke on you.

MPG - 311kb This is a trick I've been working on for about 2 years. I had an idea ages ago to juggle 2 balls with my right had around my left arm. That in itself is pretty easy but what if I juggle 2 balls in my left hand as well? The trick was to keep the balls in each hand to go in different circles, not in the same dirrection, like in a windmill pattern.

So this is circling the arm while juggling 4 balls. Not a catchy name, I know.

MPG - 457kb By request: 4 balls above the head to a leg catch
MPG - 499kb

By request: 4 ball boston mess

And yes, the sunglasses were by request too.

MPG - 705 kb Thomas Dietz from Germany juggling 8 balls in a half shower pattern for about 30 catches.
MPG - 15 MB The Anthony Gatto Drop Montage

Now is your chance to see "the worlds best juggler" do what you've always wanted him to do... FAIL! Download this movie to see him miscatch, make wild grabs, hurt himself, dive for cover, try again and again to get a trick. Ever wanted to see what it looks like when someone drops 12 rings while trying pulldowns? Ever wanted to see what 5 club alberts look like when they go bad? Ever wanted to see 7 club backcrosses flung wild?

This is an old video that I've just got around to putting on my website... but just a big up to Tony Cake. These are all the drops in an entire 3 hour practice session and he managed every trick he failed at, apart from the 12 ring pulldown. And the last trick you see.

MPG - 6229KB Ok, forget about me struggling to flash 7 clubs, how about watching Anthony Gatto setting the 7 club record at the BJC2k in York? A big video but I'm sure it will prove popular with numbers geeks.
MPG - 747KB At the London Juggling Convention I put my camera on the floor and tried a few tricks. Here is what happened when I had a go at running 6 clubs, over my camera, with a crowd of people watching. Can you guess what happened?
MPG - 305KB After managing to successfully pull off a few 7 club flashes last night I set my camera to record. All I got was this very messy thing. But it will do for now.
MPG - 355KB Due to me not updating my website for ages I decided to film a neat trick I can do with a bit of practice. It's a 6 club flash to scissor catcheswhich is a nicer way to end with 6 clubs I think. Unfortunately it is all over pretty quick.
MPG - 497KB To do a 5 ball leg catch just juggle 5 balls and throw one over your head, catch it with your leg, juggle 4 balls for a bit then go back into 5. Nice.
MPG - 605KB This is a neat trick where you place a ball on the top of your back and let it drop into either the same or opposite hand. I call it 3 ball backdrops.
MPG - 319KB The 5 ball multiplex is a trick I used to only be able to do with my small numbers beanbags. Then I developed that nifty trick of catching a ball on my arm against balls caught in a line in my hand. Now... well, look and see.
MPG - 338KB For some reason many people tell me this trick is actually impossible. It really isn't. Just juggle 4 and catch one on your head then juggle 3 and catch one on the first on your head in a beanbag headstack.
MPG - 889KB By request: 4 and 5 ball tennis.

For some reason 5 ball tennis was a lot harder than I remembered it, then I remembered I probably hadn't tried it before. But here it is.

MPG - 705KB Last year at the European Juggling Convention Ben Beever and I passed balls for the first time. I think I had done it maybe once before but Ben practices all the time with a guy called Graham. We had a go at some numbers passing and quickly progressed to 16 and 17 balls. We tried 18 but didn't quite get it. I think by then we were pretty tired and went off to drink and play about with passing 5 clubs.

After a years break we decided to have a go at passing again in Bremen, this time with the aim of passing up to 20 balls between two people. We didn't get quite that far though it certainly is within reach, especially if we didn't only try once a year.

This video is of 17 and 18 ball passing. It took only 7 attempts to get the 18 flash for the first time, and as far as we know, this is the highest amount of any objects to be juggled between two people to date. Maybe a world record, if records for this type of thing existed.

MPG - 839KB Sean, Manu and Kati from the Gandini Juggling project think that they can pass rings between 2 and 3 people better than anyone else. After watching them practice for a bit I agree with them.

The video clip to the left is the three of them passing 17 rings until Sean pulls them all down over his head. Also check out this other video to see them running 18 rings for about as long as they can.

MPG - 319KB Here is a video of me flashing 11 balls at the EJC2002 in Bremen.

Also see this other video of me flashing 11 balls at chocfest7.

Tell me which one you like best.

MPG - 371KB Put a ring on your ear, swing it around with your head and catch it on your other ear.

I made this trick up by accident and was told later that someone else had seen it done before. Then I got an email off of Luke Wilson who also made it up.... so it is now known as Lukes Ear Ring Trick.

MPG - 729KB Tricks with 5 balls: I juggle 4, kick one up into the pattern (not directly into the hand) catch one on my head, keep juggling 4, catch one on my foot, keep juggling 3, quickly catch the last 3 on the backs on my hands an knee... then get back to juggling 5 again.

MPG - 555KB Catch a ball between your heels. Juggle 4 balls, throw one over your head, catch it blind, just before it hits the floor, right between your heels. Then jump and throw it back over your head into a juggle again.

MPG - 105KB Question: What is the world record for ball juggling and who holds it?

Answer: 12 catches of 12 balls (12 ball flash) is the most anybody has ever juggled. Bruce Sarafian first managed this trick a few years ago and the only person ever to equal the feat is Ben Beever. Thanks to Henry Segerman for submitting this video clip.

MPG - 921KB Part of a ring routine I have performed once or twice. This is some of the 5 ring part. Most of this isn't too original but check out the catch of the ring between my toes!

MPG - 511KB After 10 years of juggling I still can't do kick-ups with clubs at all, so I do this instead. Probably many, many times harder but that's the point.

MPG - 549KB Juggle four balls, catch one on your forehead, keep juggling 3, throw one up and catch that on top of the ball on your forehead, throw another on top of that one, then go on, you might as well try for all four balls stacked up on your head.

So much easier with saggy beanbags than balls.

The way the camera isn't level makes the balance look a bit wierd too.

MPG - 317KB A trick I made up using "squeezes", catching two balls at the same time in the same hand. It's called, for lack of a better name, Lukes Deal. I'm sure there is a siteswap for it, the best I could work out was (2,4)(4x,2x)(0,[4x2])(4,2)(2x,4x)([4x2],0) but after running that through a simulator it wouldn't work. Oh well.
MPG - 215KB A trick I made up ages ago which is reverse inverted 5 ball splits. One ball thrown from both hands synchrounously to the same hand. It's called Lukes Burrage. A strange name, I know. I named it at a time when people were asking me how to do Burkes Barrage because they thought I'd invented that trick, something to do with my surname sounding like the trick.

I did have another video clip of this trick somewhere but I mistakenly videoed myself juggling it naked.

MPG - 305KB Inspired by Nicole whom Mini always says can do this trick but I've never seen her manage it. It sure is easier with floppy bags, I'd struggle with silicones.
MPG - 313KB "lukes lobotomy" a trick I showed everyone at chocfest but called it "lukes mess" but have since renamed it. I might even write the instructions on how to do it, or I might teach it to someone else and lets them write instuctions. It's pretty hard to do.
MPG - 753KB Josiah Jones running 5 ball mills mess and making it look very easy while others look on feeling sick.
MPG - 583KB Lena Kohn starting and running 3 diabolos.
MPG - 1283KB Ewano Punishes Lukas
MPG - 283KB A weird trick that isn't entirely my own creation. After playing about unsuccessfully catching balls with our arms behind our heads at durham city juggling club last night I was wondering if it would be possible to juggle like that. Mini said "It would be more like a statue of liberty..." and I said "I'll put a video of it on my website for tomorrow night."
So here it is: Dislocated Statue of Liberty.

The hardest part of juggling this trick is to keep from laughing.

MPG - 439kb Penguin mills mess. I learnt this one with tiny 50g barnesy bags then tried videoing it with the larger 150g bags. I find it is much harder with the big ones.
mpg - 349kb 9 balls flashed on a rola bola, not much I can say about this trick really.
MPG - 333KB Here is another "break your arms a few times to lengthen them" trick.
I do a 3 ball flash, cross my arms behind my back, catch the flash and juggle the balls in front of me for half a dozen throws.
I call the arms crossed-behind-back-juggling-in-front trick the "Lung Blocker" because it is the only juggling trick I know that physically restricts my breathing because of the un-natural body possition. If you are going to learn this one I recommend pausing often to catch your breath, not because it is tiring to learn but because you might get dizzy resulting from lack of oxygen.

I think it was this trick or a variation that prompted a child watching me juggle to say to his friend "That juggler's got three arms!" which I still find rather amusing.

MPG - 439KB I do some reverse backcrosses to a leg catch (behind the knee), juggle a bit then catch a ball on my foot and kick it over my head into another leg catch.

A nice trick, I think.

MPG - 439KB Tony (from france) bounce juggles 8 then 9 balls. And makes it look easy.
MPG - 209KB 6 ball flash in 1 hand by Lukas.
MPG - 439KB Mills mess behind the back.
1. Break arms and lengthen.
2. Repeat step 1.
3. Learn trick.
MPG - 84KB
Burrages Boat Mime (rocking boat mime using a ball to metaphorically show the unbalance of people).
A contact juggling move I made up. I can't actually do this move (or any contact juggling tricks) so you might notice the slight lack of shaddow behind the cgi ball. And how I'm not even looking at the ball.
Still, it fooled all the guys at contactjuggling.org
MPG - 615KB Revenge of Giant Juggling Balls from Mars, Luke Burrage is a victim of the first attack.
MPG - 561KB Luke Burrage flashes 6 clubs. Instead of learning numbers club juggling with thin, light clubs (like Radical Fish) he decided to buy the biggest, heaviest clubs he could (Renegade Fatheads) and try it with them.

The idiot.

MPG - 259KB World Juggling Day 2001

"For the un-initiated, this was a 3 car shower, followed by a 3 car cascade (once the drivers had figured out which way to go). All on the side of a hill, so that Luke could video it ...

We would have done more objects, but there was a slight lack of people sober enough."

MPG - 467 KB After the success of the video "3 balls different ways" I thought I'd make my own video and call it "10 balls different ways". It is only a few seconds long because I can only do 10 balls in three different ways. They are asynchronous fountain, synchronous fountain and the wimpy (crossing) pattern but I tell you, there sure aint nowt wimpy about doing it with 10.

Sorry about the dark lighting in the video, that is what the weather in Scarborough is like over the period of 15 minutes that I videoed myself trying to get 11. I wasn't even going to bother putting the little video on this site because it wasn't very good quality but then... well, who cares... hmmmm.

MPG - 1669 KB Tom Baker doing Francis Brunn' "Impossible Trick"

Actually there are few points I had better mention to stop getting emails off anals:
1. Baker adjusts the ball slightly as it lands on the back of his neck, Brunn held two big balls in his spare hand to stop him using it.
2. When the ball drops from the back of the neck Baker turns so he can see it to kick it, Brunn kept facing one way and kicks it straight over his head.
3. Baker has a surprised look on his face when he manages it, Brunn did it first time, everytime. But then Brunn didn't use basketballs.

Then I thought it through, only about four people have ever managed to learn and perform this trick so a big up in da area to Tom, yeah?

MPG - 1950 KB "The Russians"

Four boys aged twelve to thirteen passing sixteen clubs between them in the final act of the British Juggling Convention 2001 Show.

MPG - 2505 KB SaturdayNightRenegadeStageBJC2001...

Luke: Now for the first time ever on stage... rocket poi...

Haggis: He didn't tell me about this!

MPG - 2381 KB Luke wows the crowd with amazingly fantastic tennisball+can juggling...
MPG - 763kb Here is a movie of me flashing nine 50g barnesy bags at BOB2. It took me ages to flash this for the camera, the pressure got to me and there were people watching me. Then I dropped a beanbag down the back of the stage and while I was thinking about that I flashed nine straight away. I threw the balls down in disgust.

And I know I can only juggle with my mouth open so laugh at me as much as you want. Update - I'ved cured this now.

MPG - 1049kb
Me juggling just 5 beanbags but with added live special camera fx. NEW!

For a description of this trick click here.

MPG - 1311kb Bibi, Bichu and Manu passing 13 clubs in a line at the end of the leeds juggling convention show. NEW!

MPG - 787kb "This weekend I went to a juggling club for the first time ever. Just as everyone was packing up I asked Sean Mckinney if he would video me doing a 9 ball flash with a neck catch using my camera because he had caught me doing this trick on his camera earlier in the evening. I said I would give it 3 attempts. This was my 4th."

As you will see, I 've leared to juggle these simple tricks with my mouth shut, I still sometimes catch myself with my mouth open while I'm doing hard tricks.

MPG - 879kb Here is a movie of Ben Beever flashing eleven 50g Barnesy Bags (B4's). It took only six tries.

Other videos of ben:

20 balls, 9 catches. No, wait, that is 9 balls, 20 catches...
MPG - 970kb

7 balls with a 4 ball multiplex throw half way through.
MPG - 1237kb

MPG - 1585kb "Yesterday I bought myself a wide angle lense for my camcorder and discovered it can fit a whole side of a room into the picture if it is by the opposite wall. So this morning I decided to film myself in my normal juggling position, kneeling on the dining room floor.
I've put a nice video of me doing some multiplexes with 5 balls including all of them thrown from one hand into a 5 ball cascade. (The picture there is of a 1up-8up trick I'm trying but it looks a lot better as a clear still image than a messy video at the moment, you don't get to see that trick.)"
MPG - 1419kb Here is another video of Ben Beever flashing 11 balls.

This one is in slow motion, from another angle and has an added bonus of a juggling club hitting the camera in the same shot.


MPG - 923kb Bibi and Bichu are two Ethiopian jugglers who have been performing with the Gandinis. Here is a short clip of them passing 9 clubs back to back.
Well, I was impressed.

MPG - 277kb Manu laude and Toby walker passing 10.

Downlaod it, stick it on loop.

Toby juggling 5 clubs mills mess AVI- 2802kb

Other looping videos:

Bibi and Bichu passing 9 clubs in a 2 count singles pattern.
MPG - 154kb

A rather amusing piroette while sitting on a chair.
MPG - 595kb

4 big cardboard tubes.
AVI - 1624kb

MPG - 875kb I think anyone juggling 5 clubs is impressive so I thought I would put a nice video of me here.

MPG - 926kb

MPG - 923kb
These are the Qian Brothers. They are competent jugglers as jugglers go. The top video is the three of them passing eighteen rings between them. The bottom one is a video of Jian Wan Qian flashing eight badminton rackets. He holds three in each hand and then holds the other two upright by trapping them under the edge of his feet.

These video clips are off a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a tv shows broadcast of footage captured on a handycam. Well, maybe not quite. The pictures are clear now that they don't flick between colour and b/w. Well worth the download time.

MPG - 1225kb "I was at the Durham Juggling Convention and they were looking for acts for the show. Someone said to me 'Hey, you're good at ball juggling and we don't have anyone else juggling balls in the show.'
After finding out I was going to be given alcohol I agreed, then went to the bar and drank lots of other alcohol. By the time I got on stage I was having trouble focusing my eyes and dropped on my very first trick: a 3 ball cascade. I was using big tennis balls that are impossible to hold so give me a break. During my time on stage I finished off 2 and a half bottles of smirnof ice and ended my act with a drinking/juggling trick.

What you see here was my 3rd and last attempt at a 5 big tennis ball cascade."

MPG - 969kb While Anthony Gatto practiced at BJC2k quite a crowd turned up to watch him. I noticed that he kept breaking world records so I thought I better start catching them on camera. Here he is doing backcrosses with seven clubs.

Other videos of Anthony:

Five club Aberts (crotch throws)
MPG - 1170kb

Seven clubs with a head bounce.
MPG - 1200kb

Eleven ring pulldowns.
MPG - 1277kb

More boring videos of high numbers juggled by Anthony Gatto (official world records):

9 balls, 106 catches
mpg - 3000kb

9 rings, 90 catches
mpg - 3000kb

10 rings, 25 catches
MPG - 1713kb

12 rings, 12 catches
MPG - 1277kb

The official world record list is over here. And another, unofficial list is over here.

I like the unofficial list better because it gives more information and higher numbers, though all the records are just claims and rumours and haven't been validated with video evidence, like the first list has.

And I'm on the second list.

For lots of photos of Anthony Gatto juggling try here.

Lots more videos on the way...

2003 Luke Burrage