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LCP s01e05 – Bram Dobbelaere – on developing shows

This is the first recording I made for this podcast project. I had a good time chatting with Bram, just like always, and of course I talked a lot more than I first planned during the discussion. The reason I didn’t put this episode out first is that the sound quality isn’t great. We recorded it in a gym, where people were juggling. Sorry about the background noise.

Here’s Bram and Sander performing at the same festival last August:

Pol and Freddy.
Compagnie Ea Eo.
Previous interview with Bram.

Pol and Freddy.

End the show with eating yoghurt.

First aid!

Club juggling is popular!

Getting annoyed.

Bram sulks in the car.

Compagnie Ea Eo.

The bit with the hoods.

The stage comes apart and gets smaller…

… and smaller.

Luke and Pola with the Art of Juggling.

More random notes:
Drinking vodka. Characters, non-verbal comedy. Nerdy juggling for non-juggler audiences. Luke’s 3 ball and video routine (link). Juggling puts the props between you and the audience. Finish the show with the juggling that gets in the way of my character least. Character development through conflict.

Working on a show with a group of people. The role of a director. Financial considerations of working with a group. Creative control as a director. Where ideas come from in a group.

Inspiration comes in phases. Writing ideas down. Or not writing them down. Bad ideas. Ideas from dreams.

Genius creating anger. Definition of creative genius: “I could have never come up with that idea!” Anger fueling creativity. Writing the show “Powercut”.

Creating new material to keep your job fresh. Old material feeling stale. Avoiding repetition, and being spontaneous.

Using negative emotions to affect the audience. Getting out of your comfort zone. Dancing alone on stage is way harder than five clubs. Breaking expectations n regards to emotional journeys. Visceral non-reactions to shows can almost be valid as positive reactions?

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