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LCP s01e06 – Gregg Margarite – two generalists in conversation

Gregg Margarite is creative in many different fields, and so am I. We didn’t get into the specifics of any creative field, but had a great discussion about being someone trying to make their way in a world that likes to put people in boxes.

Links: – glass art by Henner Schroder, with help from Gregg.
Gregg’s audiobook recordings – the only other project he does under his own name.

As he said in the podcast, Gregg is the one with the beard:

More random notes:

Only one thing, but manifests in many different aspects.
What “making glass” entails.
Three dimensional canvas.
Making the glass is almost a performance art, because so many people come to watch.
How did you get into this? Well, there was this girl…
Glass turning from a craft into an art.
A hobby has a whole subculture, and within it superstars.
Gregg’s father was all about security.
Not wanting to bring in money from creative endeavors.
Not trying to accumulate laurels any more. You have to have laurels to rest upon them.
When I’m finished with something, I’m not interested in it anymore.
Everything springs from itself… everything’s connected.
I want to be as good on my best day as the best are on their worst day.
Doing something under your own name versus using a pseudonym.
Sometimes the audience doesn’t understand.
If something ends up as a “product” that’s great, but I create as a bodily function.
Gregg: I don’t want to look like the guy who thinks he’s a genius.
Luke: Hmmm, maybe I sometimes come across as that guy.
Is there a box for me?
There are examples of generalists, but few and far between. Like Buckminster Fuller.
Generalists in a specific medium transcend the medium.
Specialist is best for most people, as generalists will probably never have as much knowledge as the specialist in any one area.
Luke uses his generalist attitude to stand out.
Gregg hides his generalist attitude to make cocktail parties easier to bear.
And he always uses another name.
Gregg doesn’t want to be known as the poet/musician who is a really crappy musician and a really crappy poet.
Luke is happy to be pretty average across the board.
Art is when you learn a craft so much you come out the other side.
Musicians seem to think they are being paid by the note.
Has Gregg set Luke a challenge?
Cross pollination of skills and the leverage of audiences.

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