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LCP s01 e03 – Nat Osborn – a musician in New York

Nat Osborn

In this episode I have a long conversation with Nat Osborn, a musician living and working in New York. I hung out with him a few times last year, as explained in the podcast, and wanted to get his thoughts and views and ideas on record.

Here’s a music video of his from last year showcasing one of his bands (and it looks like they all had a lot of fun making this crazy video!):

We talk about quite a few other musicians in this episode, so check out:
Nat Osborn or Nat’s MySpace page.
Nigel Hall also on MySpace.
Sveta Bout
Aimee Bayles can also be heard on MySpace.
Lyle Divinsky has a MySpace page too.
Billy Libby

We also talk about: The songwriting group. Inspiration and motivation from being in a group. Surrounding yourself with more talented people. Song writing. Changing choruses throughout the song. Not being able to play your own music. Being in a band: good! Being in a band: bad! Production setup at home. Different software. Different equipment leading to more creativity.

I mentioned some of my own music in the episode too. For example:
Future Luke – too many words, will finish writing it in 10 years time, chorus changing all the time.
Wonderful – took 4 years to write, the chorus changes all the time. and it has too many word.
On The Hill (mp3 download) – not being able to perform your own music, four different vocal parts per verse/chorus. Also: too many words.

Nat Osborn

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