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The European Juggling Convention 2001
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EJC2001: 4-12/08/01 - Review by luke burrage: 19/08/01

The Convention Site, The Juggling Population, The Renegade, The Main Show, Rumpole Stiltskin, The last bit.

Hello and welcome to the European Juggling Convention photo gallery. Now, I wasn't planning on taking lots of photos and writing a big review because my brother and I were going to spend some time at the EJC making a short film, a documentary about some bloke and his adventures at the festival. Unfortunately I couldn't be arsed to put any effort into it once we got there and spent my time juggling, drinking, sampling the local herbal cigarettes.

The result is that I have a few photos of various EJC related happenings but not much of a review to go around them. I didn't go to any of the open stage shows, any of the workshops, the games, the beach party, the Latino Night, the gala show or the parade, much of the renegade or much of anything else. So, here are the photos in a random order with extended captions. Hopefully they will bring back memories for the folks who were there and for the folks who weren't, a general outline of what it was like to be at the EJC 20001.

Let's start off with a view of the various locations at the convention...

This was the acrobatic's hall. It was a nice big hall with various ropes and swings hanging from the roof and lots of mats on the floor. I took this photo when I woke up one morning, having spent the night on a mat behind a goal at one end. I slept behind there because I thought the net would stop stray juggling props from landing on me. It worked, but when I stood up I cracked my head off the cross bar, knocked myself out cold and had a headache for the rest of the day. Not nice.

A view of the main hall. It was huge! The was 24 hour open juggling and the workshops were held around the edge. It was often very crowded but you could always find space to juggle. I also slept most nights in here because I didn't take a tent to the convention. Just off the hall was a cafe/bar where I paid 10 gulsuhds for breakfast and could eat as much as I liked until 12. I would always go back at 11.50 and make myself up loads of sandwiches for my lunch. Nice showers there too.

This was the main festival site. In the forground is the bigtop/open stage/open juggling tent. To the right is the 24 hour beer tent. In the distance is the Nofit State Circus/renegade stage tent. There are also food tents visible. And lots of mud.

A view of the inside of the open stage tent. I never saw any of the open stage shows because there was never any room. In fact, the shows were so popular, once the tent had filled up, people got chairs and stood on them out the doors, looking in through the big doors. Then people got benches and stood on them to see in. Then people got tables, then wheelie bins, just to get a view. I really couldn't be bothered to go through all that but those who did saw some very high quality acts. I hear.

This was the Trader's Boulevard. The whole convention site was spread over a very big park and there was 20 minute walk between the 24 hour gym and the festival site and the furthest tents were that far again in the same direction. This wouldn't have much of a problem if it hadn't rained non stop. The traders, being outside along the main path between the gyms and the beer tent, would have been in the best place for trade but the rain probably dampened their sales.

Also on the site was a swimming pool, which was open two nighs for free, a fire place, an open air cinema, a cafe which specialised in pancakes and a petting zoo. To get from place to place it was a good idea to catch a lift in one of the rickshaws:

Let's see some people juggling..

2001 Luke Burrage