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This is the bit of my website where all the reviews are. I've opened this part of my website up to anyone else who wants to put a review of anything juggling related for people to read. There has only been one added by someone other than me for now but I hope that it will grow.

So, if you have any views on any show you've seen, any convention you've been to, any prop you've used, any video you've watched, any website you've visited, anything at all, email them to me and I'll put them here. You can write them in any style or format you want and any length from a single paragraph to a short novel. Go on, share your expiriences.

Convention Reviews:

5th Cambridge
Convention 8/10/00
Review by luke burrage 12/10/00
3rd London
Convention 14 - 15/10/00
Review by luke burrage a/bit/later
4th Durham "Balls and Beer"
Convention 21/10/00
Review by luke burrage not/quite/sure
BoB 2
Convention 18/11/00
Review by luke burrage 11/01/01
warning - bad spelling
Chocfest 6
Convention 27/01/01
Review by luke burrage just/finished/it
warning- vague
2001: a uni-juggle odyssey 17/03/01
Review by luke burrage 20/03/01
14th British Juggling Convention 19-22/04/01
Review by luke burrage 29/04/01
2001 European Juggling Convention 4-12/08/01
Review by luke burrage 19/08/01

Miscellaneous Reviews :

Worst Juggling Website Ever:
- contender 1 - juggleland.
Cirque du Soleil - Quidam
Review by Panayiotis Panayiotou 05/02/01
The Worst Ever Online Juggling Tutorial Pages
a top three
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