Album art from Bitterly Autobiographical

Bitterly Autobiographical is an album full of funny songs that put unique spins on universally identifiable situations, stories and emotions. As the title suggests, the album explores biographical topics relating to my own life.

Listen for free and/or download it at or use the player below. If you really want a physical CD, buy it from me in person or email me. I can even sign it!

The album features a mix between performances for live audiences and studio recordings. Warning for young ears: many tracks contain adult language and themes.

Some tracks from live shows:

Bitterly Autobiographical (Don't Put Your Dick In The Crazy Girl) - advice to my younger self to avoid heartache and pain:

Penises Are Hard (Standup Comedy Jokes My Girlfriend Doesn't Like) - song about open stage stand up comedy shows in Berlin, written from the perspective of my girlfriend, also co-written by my girlfriend: