Do you like music? Do you like comedy? I have a show that combines both into a lively evening of lyrical storytelling with tunes so catchy you'll be humming them for days.

The show is called Overly Suggestible and, predictably, features songs from my album Overly Suggestible, along with favourites from my other albums, Bitterly Autobiographical and Two Minute Pop.

The show covers topics such as dating, identical twins, tomatoes, pubic hair, Chernobyl, and robot popes. It also includes a juggling interlude.

Musically, the show features me singing, a piano or a guitar, and some backing tracks.

The show runs to 55 minutes. I can, however, shorten the show to 20 minutes or extend it out to 1 hour 30 minutes by inserting, swapping or removing songs.

Many tracks contain adult language and themes, so at the moment it is not suitable for minors.

Some videos from live shows:

Pubic Hair Removal:


The Perfect Love:

Penises Are Hard (Standup Comedy Jokes My Girlfriend Doesn't Like) - song about open stage stand up comedy shows in Berlin, written from the perspective of my girlfriend, also co-written by my girlfriend:

A live performance of Robopope (featuring Juliane Kunzendorf):