Minding Tomorrow

A near-future, non-linear, multiple-character, science fiction/mystery/thriller novel by Luke Burrage.

Length: 46,000 words (equivalent to about 200 pages)

Release date: 9th June, 2009

Cover art by Stefan Kernjak.

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  • Minding Tomorrow front cover

    Long description:

    "A wealthy investor living the highlife, an outcast returning to his homeland after 20 years, a computer programmer looking for a new challenge, a shadowy figure pulling strings behind the scenes, a student with an unusual problem...

    This novel follows a wide cast of characters as they try to find their way in an uncertain future, coming to terms with new technologies, shifting politics, natural catastrophes, and other problems on a more human scale.

    Many questions are raised along the way: Who are these people and what links them together? Can any one person change the world? Just because you can, does it mean you should?"

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    Reader quotes:

    "...original, offbeat and compelling." - David Lim.

    "I really enjoyed reading the book and would certainly re-read it again. Very enjoyable. By your criteria I would give it 4 stars!! ... I can't emphasise enough just how much I enjoyed it and it was really nice to have to THINK about a book for once." - Tamer Sadek

    "I'm greatly impressed with what you have created! I enjoyed the story very much, especially when I read it the second time. Also, you demonstrated that it is possible to write a "first" story that's already better than books I've paid real money for..." - Georg

    "There were a few parts were my heart started pounding and I was wondering what was going to happen next. Inevitably, I would get some work to do right at that moment and have to hurry through so I could get back to reading." - Rory Rezzelle

    "I'm almost half way through the story now... The twist was well timed; I was wondering where all of it was going. By the end of the chapter an audible, chuckling oh shit! escaped my mouth, and now I can't wait to read the rest of it... Overall, I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner. This is some pretty fun stuff." - Evan Lamb

    "It was surprisingly good, much better than I was expecting. Can I read your next one?" - Nathan Rae, my twin brother.