Original Fiction by Luke Burrage

I write a lot. Some of what I write is fiction. I start many more fiction projects than I complete, but when I do finish a story that I'm happy to share, I share it here for free. So far I've only released science fiction stories, mainly because that's what I'm most familiar with, but I'm always trying other genres.

Current Free-to-Download Releases (Creative Commons License):

Minding Tomorrow front cover

Minding Tomorrow - A near-future, non-linear, multiple-character, science fiction/mystery/thriller novel. 48,000 words (about 200 pages). Released: 9th June 2009

Combat front cover

Combat - The second novel set in the same world as Minding Tomorrow. It follows the story of a secret military strike force as it comes to terms with new enemies and new technologies. 52,000 words (about 220 pages). Released: 16th April, 2010

Broken Glass front cover

Broken Glass - The third novel in the Minding Tomorrow trilogy. It concludes the stories of all the characters in both Minding Tomorrow and Combat. 55,000 words (about 250 pages). Released: September 2012.

Get that rat off my face! front cover

Get that rat off my face! - A mind-bending science fiction novella about someone who wakes up inside a thought experiment. 31,000 words (equivalent to about 110 pages). Released: 13th January 2012

The Monster Story Conference cover image

The Monster Story Conference - An novella-length experimental science fiction/adventure story telling of the early days of a new planetary colony. 35,000 words (equivalent to about 150 pages). Released: 10th February 2010.

Works in progress:

The Monster Story (working title) The straight (non-experimental) telling of the monster story. Current state: writing on hold

Human Danger (working title) A re-telling of a classic alien invasion story, told from the point of view of the aliens. Current state: writing on hold, 23,697 out of a planned 60,000 words written. Estimated date of release: unknown.

Arc of Life (working title) A fantasy story set on planet quite different to Earth. Current state: about 50,000 completed. Length: goal of about 100,000 words. Estimated date of release: unknown.

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