Luke's Juggling Shows

I specialize in performing 45-50 minute juggling, comedy and multimedia theater shows. By combining numerous different segments the full show can run for any duration between 7 minutes and 1 hour. I have about 100 minutes of prime material, so even if you need two different 45 minute shows, you're only getting A-grade material with no padding.

Biography and show billing:

Luke Burrage - International Juggler & Entertainer

Luke Burrage is a world-renowned juggler, known for performing highly technical skills mixed with comedy, live music, and multimedia productions. Luke has performed on all 7 continents (including Antarctica) and has juggled in over 130 countries. Luke has broken numerous world records and currently holds the record for the most knives juggled. In 2004 he founded the annual "British Young Juggler of the Year" award, to encourage young jugglers to excel as performers, and he's one of only four jugglers to reach the top spot of the "Fight Night Combat" juggling rankings.

Show 1: Luke Burrage shares the story of his journey as a juggler, from learning his first tricks, winning his first juggling competitions, all the way to becoming a world-renowned international entertainer. Join Luke for an award-winning juggling, comedy, multimedia and variety show not to be missed.

Show 2: In his second show, Luke Burrage answers all your juggling questions, from "Where is the most interesting place you've juggled?" to "What is the hardest juggling trick?" and "What is the weirdest thing you can juggle?". Join International Juggler Luke Burrage for another juggling, comedy, live music and multimedia show not to be missed.

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Extracts from Luke's shows

Video 1 - Three ball and video:

"Every throw has a name, every catch has a name, every trick has a name." This is a real audience favourite, combining 3 ball juggling with video projection, spoken word, and specially composed music. Also possible without video.

Video 2 - Comedy juggling:

Comedy juggling with an audience volunteer "helping" me juggle 5 balls.

Video 3 - Club Juggling:

My current club juggling act, inspired by jugglers I looked up to when I learned club juggling in the early 2000's.