Israel 2015 Fight Night final video and points level update

By popular request, here’s a video of the Israel 2015 Fight Night Combat final round, featuring Emil Dahl and Yotam Alon.

There will be another Fight Night in Israel at the end of Augusts, at a juggling meeting in Bat Yam.

In other news, there are now two new points levels for tournaments:

300 is counted along with 250 tournaments, and is a 50 point bonus for a tournament that was originally classified as a 250 level event, but exceeded the requirements in numerous ways, along with having a high participation level in terms of top 25 ranked players. This has been retroactively applied to the WJW 2015 Heerlen tournament.

350 is counted along with 500 point tournaments, and is a new level for tournaments that were originally advertised as a 500 point level, but fell short of many 500 point level requirements. This has been applied to the Israel 2015 tournament due to the lack of submitted results (over two months after the tournament), only 8 players in the knockout instead of 12, semi-final matches only played to 3 points not 5, non-standard qualification and wildcard entries, no data from qualifications at all, and no firm record of total tournament participation (“about 12 or 15” falls well short of the 20-24 needed for a 500 point tournament).

The Rankings FAQ will be updated to reflect this change next week.

Stefan Braun wins his first Fight Night title at Hannover 2015

Congratulations to Stefan Braun for winning his first ever Fight Night Combat title at the Con-Tiki juggling convention in Hannover last weekend. In the final he defeated Alex Laihman 5 points to 2. This was Alex’s best result at a Fight Night since he won at Rostock in 2013.

20 jugglers entered qualification at the inaugural Hannover tournament, with 8 making it to the knockout. Stefan won 250 FNC ranking points, moving him up to 21st place. Alex’s 150 points for 2nd place move him up to equal 16th in the FNC rankings and 12th place in the 2015 race rankings. Tilman Sinning took third place and Carlos Zarspel fourth.

See all the results and details on the Hannover 2015 Fight Night page: