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Musings on my next novel project.

Earlier I wrote and posted about my “a short novel every three months” plan which sort of hit a snag in May. Not to worry, I’ll just move on. It’s not like I write for a living (a point I’ll … Continue reading

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“Novel-Fading” – a learning experience.

In November I wrote a short novel, “Minding Tomorrow”. Then I took two months off the actual writing to edit it and think about the next novel. In February I wrote a novella, “Monster Story (working title)”. Then I took … Continue reading

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New Cover Art for “Minding Tomorrow”

I released my first completed novel, “Minding Tomorrow”, for free a few months ago, and so far the reception has been really good. I’ve had loads of great emails from people telling me they’ve enjoyed it, a podcast review by … Continue reading

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Arctic Trip, July 2009

I’m nearing the end of my summer holiday. I’ll be doing a series of blog posts about what I’ve been up to, with photos and maps and everything, but not until I have time to do the writing. Say, when … Continue reading

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EJC 2009 day 8

Today was a slow, very hot day. I got up late, and went looking for Pola. I found her in our hammock, asleep in the shade between two trees. I guess I didn’t wake when she came in to get … Continue reading

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