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Africa Trip Packing List (2 people, 5 weeks)

A daily blog post sounded like a good idea, and so far it’s been fun. The travel photo blogs every other day have been super easy, as I scheduled them all in advanced up to April. The non-photo posts in … Continue reading

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Performing for children in Boca de Valeria, Brazil – January 2011.

A cruise ship was sailing up the Amazon. It broke down. Normally a ship losing power isn’t too bad. You can just float in the ocean until you fix it. On a river, the current is way too dangerous. So … Continue reading

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Tip: let a member of the opposite sex help you fill out your online dating service profile.

Based on a true story (for real): “It wants a profile picture.” “Use the same one as your Facebook profile, as you look cool with the camera in your hand and the way it covers half your face makes you … Continue reading

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Pirahna Fishing on the Amazon, Santarem, Brazil – January 2011.

I visited Santarem, a town on the Amazon river. The Amazon is famous for being very big. And it’s famous for being full of piranhas. As a crew tour, we went piranha fishing. Most of the 30 people on the … Continue reading

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Idea: every story is based on a true story.

I recently read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and I noticed that so many of these fantastical stories from the 19th Century are frame stories. I love the idea that the author didn’t make up these stories, but … Continue reading

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