club classroom #7 squeeze scissor catch

Juliane took a photo of Juliane taking a video of the end of my squeeze catch workshop at the EJC 2014. In the workshop I tried the most difficult squeeze catch variation I know, involving 3 clubs and a scissor catch. The photo and video are above. The trick is insane.

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Challenge: new lowest 9 ball flash

After a conversation on Facebook, I’ve decided to set a new record for other jugglers to break. Lowest 9 ball flash! That’s 9 throws and 9 catches of 9 balls, using the same rules as the JISCON, but with two new measurements:

1. Highest point of the highest ball in the pattern from the floor.
2. Lowest point of the lowest ball/hand from the floor from the start of the throwing motion of the first throw to the end of the catching motion of the last catch.

The two new records this can track is:

A. The lowest 9 ball flash from the floor to top of the pattern (so juggling sitting or kneeling down helps, and short people are at an advantage).
B. The lowest “total pattern height” of the 9 ball flash (so purely about speed of throwing, control and catching reflexes).

In three days/sessions, this was the 9 ball flash that did best in both records. Floor to top of pattern: 232cm. Total pattern height: 148cm.

The first day I tried (and only for about 5 minutes) I got a good total pattern height of 162cm, with the floor to top of pattern height of 262cm.

The second day I tried I got a better/lower floor to top of pattern record of 236cm, but due to the very low last catches the total pattern height was 172cm, a bigger span the first day’s attempt:

I hope some other jugglers attach a tape measure to a pole, put it at the same plane as their hands, and try to beat my record. Or set records for other juggling patterns. I think the 86cm total pattern height of my 7 ball flash could be beaten.

Stab Joy

Have you watched Wes Peden’s Throw Joy video yet? Well you should! It’s the best value €15 I’ve spent on juggling this year.

If you haven’t seen Throw Joy, you might not get any of the references in the Stab Joy video above, but I think you’ll enjoy it all the same. It’s what Juliane and I made when it was raining outside and Juliane needed distracting from an impending exam.