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Cutting a long show short.

A while ago I swapped some things around in my show to add in a new ring routine. Even though it felt like the show remained the right length, I’d accidentally extended it by a number if minutes. For example … Continue reading

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Productivity planning at sea…

Now I have something like 6 days at sea. That means plenty of time for reading, writing, eating, swimming, juggling and whatever else I can find to do. Reading: The Accidental Time Machine – Joe Haldeman. I just found this … Continue reading

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Flights, James Randi, Trap Door Spiders, etc.

Normally, when I travel for work, I get my flight details a week or so in advanced. This time I got them a full 14 hours in advance. The waiting was a bit stressful, but thankfully I got what I … Continue reading

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New trip today.

I’m off for the next 11 days or so. I’m going to Lisbon… via America. On the way I hope to visit the JREF HQ in Fort Lauderdale, swim with Dolphins of the Azores and spend another day in Lisbon. … Continue reading

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3p1 1p2 2 3 2p1 2 2 3 3

I went to Contakt, the Hannover juggling convention. A lot of fun was had by all! Chatting, combat, volleyclub, and Berlini-style Prechac patterns. The last is a very geeky style of juggling which mixes Gandini-style weaves with Berlin-style takeouts and … Continue reading

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