ePub format of “Minding Tomorrow”

There’s now an ePub version of my novel “Minding Tomorrow” available to download. ePub files are the most universally accepted format for eBook readers, and the format used by Stanza for the iPhone. I also put up some instructions on how to transfer it over to your iPhone if you don’t know already.

I got some more feedback too. It seems people like the twist (although I made sure there is a lot more going on than just a twist):

“Finished the novel today and I absolutely loved it. What a twist. I will surely read it again right now, knowing what is going on… Can hardly wait for the sequels.”

“I thought it was a really enjoyable read. Definitely old school science fiction… This is one of the few books I’m likely to read twice, as second time through it’ll be interesting to see if I can pick up all the references that were only incidental on the first reading.”

Photos from June.

Pola and I are on holiday, which means lots of travel/holiday/action/landscape/wildlife/flower photography. The full album is at Sosauce.com, like normal, and it contains 70 images. I’ll update the travel map at some point too, and link it on this blog. Here’s (yet another) photo of me jumping:

Warning: we take a photo of ourselves at every interesting place we visit, so expect three or four repetitious images.

Jumping on sand.

I thought I’d share some photos. Looking at these makes me imagine myself as a super hero.





I’m running down the very steep side of the Dune de Pyla. Pola simply turned the camera so the slanted horizon looks horizontal.

Novel feedback

I got my first email feedback from someone who read the finished version of my novel, Minding Tomorrow:

Heya Luke
my name’s Brandt I’m a listener of your SFBRP and I’ve just finished reading Minding Tomorrow.
I thought it very original, I think I got my 1st glimmer of suspicion about a quarter of the way through.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading on to confirm this, I think I stayed up till about 4am reading till I had to
stop about 7 chapters short of the end. Just wanted to write and say thanks for a good read,
and I look forward to more in the future.

Thanks Brandt! I hope future emails from other readers are similarly positive.

Meanwhile my second novel (more of a long novella) is coming along nicely. One more edit and I’ll send it out to volunteer readers for initial feedback. Email me if you’re interested! luke@juggler.net

I’m also going to work on some “book covers” for these projects. I’ll post some ideas here if I can make The Gimp work for me.

Finally, I’m working on an EPUB format download. Some time soon I’ll get it to work. I promise!

Podcast updates

After a bit of a break while I worked on my own novel, I just put out a new Science Fiction Book Review Podcast episode, where I pretty much list all the things I hated about The Fall of Hyperion. Not my normal format! It’s a real pity I hated the book, and stopped reading half way through, as the previous novel in the series, Hyperion, was one of my favourite reads of the year.

Immediately after finishing my review I was a guest on the Sofanauts podcast. It was a blast! We talked about novels and short stories and publishing and ebooks and generally loads of science fiction topics. I’ll link to it when Tony uploads it, probably tomorrow.

And who knows… maybe a juggling podcast before the week is out? First episode for 6 months? There’s certainly enough pestering emails to make me guilty enough for that.