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5 club backcrosses – the counting catches skit

Here’s a variation of a “counting catches” skit I’ve performed for jugglers since about 2004, this time at Portland Juggling Convention in 2011. Maybe I’ll dig out the original version, where I juggle 8 balls for “16 catches”. I really … Continue reading

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Rape Stand-Up Comedy Material Competition – Luke’s Verdict

George Carlin Has a good point. I do believe any comedian should be able to joke about whatever they want. However, I think he does a very bad job with it. He talks about “every joke needs an exaggeration” but … Continue reading

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Lego Me!

Someone made a Lego… me! How awesome is this? Jesse, who I know via the SFFaudio podcast made it, based on my Work It Out Yourself video: Although the hat comes from an image on my website:

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