Room 105 – Magnets (patterns only)

I’ve not posted a non-performance juggling video for a while, so I decided to release a video I made a month ago:

Here’s me workshopping some pattern ideas for a future juggling show. The full show will last for an hour and take place entirely in this small room.

The magnetic juggling machine is a very old idea, but I only got round to making it last year, and working on it this spring.

On April 17th, 2009 I filmed ten minutes of juggling and edited it on the train to Hannover Juggling Convention.

Luke singing @ WerkStadt Berlin – “Out Of My Mind”

Last night I did my first ever solo guitar gig, a very casual affair at Pola’s latest exhibition opening at WerkStadt Berlin. It was the first time I’ve performed a solo set of my own music, and the first time I’ve done an entirely musical performance for over ten years.

I did two sets of fours songs. I thought I videoed both, but it seems only the second remained on my camera by the end of the night.

This is the first song of the second set, called Out Of My Mind, written in 2003.

I made sure the performance was low key, telling people to continue chatting while I play. Judging by audience reaction and comments afterward, the sets were quite successful. I hope to do more musical performances in Berlin in the future.

Photos from my last three (two) trips.

I didn’t take many photos on my trip to the Mediterranean, and none on my trip across the Atlantic (I didn’t even take my DSLR camera). I did take a few on my Baltic trip though, so I decided to combine all the most recent into one album/blog post.

Check out the whole album over at to see more photos like these:

Sunsets in Turkey…

Churches in Baltic cities…

Fighting Bears!

Funny? Or just stupid? You decide!

Yesterday, as I waited for a song before starting some writing, I became obsessed with my own reflection distorted on the back of the iPod. I thought it was highly amusing, and decided to capture it on video.

I thought the video was hilarious, but maybe only because I made it. I decided to show it to Pola first, before uploading it. She liked it, so I posted it to YouTube.

So far I’ve had good responses, and when I showed it to friends at a dinner party tonight they all enjoyed it too.

What do you think?

Mister Babache rings = fail?

As I mentioned on twitter, I spent today in Helsinki and needed to buy a new juggling ring. Why? Well, I’m on a cruise, and for some reason I only packed 6 rings instead of 7. I guess I just didn’t count properly while packing.

I mentioned the fact on twitter and facebook, and got an almost immediate response from Samuli, a juggler in Helsinki, telling me exactly where to go. Result!

I found the shop. They had a single white ring left in the shop, a slightly outsized Mister Babache.

Back on the stage, an hour before the show, I thought I’d try out the ring, to see how it mixed with the thick Beard rings I normally prefer. I thought “I wonder if it bounces the same as the others on this black rubbery floor?” so did that as the first test.

So I threw it up and forward with some backspin…. and it broke when it hit the floor. First throw, first drop, I didn’t even have a chance to catch it before it broke! Thankfully I always have white electrical tape in my case, so I could tape it up and still use it for the show.

It reminds me of the joke I told about Passe Passe beanbags, those which split at the seams so quickly and easily that they lasted less time than Ben Beever could juggle 7 of them. Or something.

Needless to say, I’m going to stick with the thick Beard rings. As a professional who travels a lot I need to rely on my props not break after ONE drop.