Free album to download: Live and Suggestible

Album art from Live and Suggestible

You want a free album? Okay!

You can download it using this link, so right click and save:

Luke Burrage – Live and Suggestible.mp3

Live and Suggestible documents a song writing challenge proposed by Caroline Clifford and Paul Salamone at the We Are Not Gemüsed comedy show in Berlin; I ask for a topic suggestion from the audience, write the song, and then perform it for the first time the next time I’m back at Gemüsed. I accepted the challenge. I took 10 suggestions, wrote 10 songs, and performed those songs over 10 different shows.

The topic suggestions were, in order (along with the start location on the album):

  • Pubic Hair Removal – 1:45
  • Tomatoes – 6:45
  • Hipsters – 11:22
  • Quantum Physics / The Walk of Shame – 16:43
  • Misogyny in Comedy – 22:11
  • Penny Markt / Red Traffic Light – 27:15
  • Concrete – 33:48
  • Chernobyl – 37:59
  • Flies – 43:10
  • Schmoozing / Alzheimer’s Disease – 46:11

It’s a single mp3 file with a single track, coming in at about 75mb and 52 minutes. It’ll play on any computer or phone or device or even right here in your browser. Warning for young ears: many songs on this free album contain adult language and themes.

Album art from Bitterly Autobiographical

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Lublin 2014 Fight Night

The Lublin Juggling Convention was host to the Lublin 2014 Fight Night, which took place on the 10th of May! It was a 250 level tournament, with 18 jugglers taking part in the qualification session in the afternoon and 8 going through to the knockout late that night.

To avoid spoilers, watch the video below before checking out the Fight Night (beta) tournament page for results and details.

The video shows some highlights of the round of 8, then all the action from the semi-finals and final. And the last point from the 3rd place match, which was admittedly very one-sided. It features Luke Burrage, Lauge Benjaminsen, Jakub Szwed, Jacek Kwapiński, Marcin Borkowski, Paweł Witczak, Tomek Palka and Jerzy Kozłowski.

Thanks to Jakub Szwed for inviting me to the Lublin convention to organize and take part in the tournament, and thanks to Juliane too for helping run the qualification and the knockout.

Due to Bob leaving Brianza early, and nobody else stepping up to make it happen, there was no Fight Night at Brianza this year. This means Remi De Vos, last year’s winner, has dropped from 12th in the rankings down to 36th.

Watch out for results from the next Fight Night, taking place at the NJF (the Dutch Juggling Festival). Last year’s second place player, Simon A Campo will be there again, but will face a strong challenge from two current top 10 players: Brook Roberts, who was seeded first at the BJC 2014 Fight Night last month, and Iver Tronstad who won that same event. It should be a good one!

Spring Injuries 2014

In March I was moving a bounce juggling table (a massive slab of marble attached to a big bit of wood) in my cellar. I leant it up against a wall, turned my back on it, and it fell over. It hit the back of my leg. Hard. And stopped on the top of my boot, just above my ankle. A few centimeters difference could have meant a broken leg or a broken ankle.

So that was me out of action for the next three weeks, in terms of running and cycling.

By the time I visited the BJC, I was feeling just about ready to get active again. On the Monday I went out on a bike ride, on a bike I’d borrowed from my parents. I managed to get about 500m from the front gate of the convention site, if that, before skidding over at high speed on some gravel at the bottom of a steep hill and planting my face into the road.

But not just my face hit the road. Also my shoulder (not pictured), my right hip (not pictured), my left wrist (not pictured), my left knee (pictured), and my right hand (pictured). Also where the bike was trapped between my legs caused bruising on the back of my left leg (pictured) and the front of my right leg (not pictured).

I’m just about fit again now, though I still have a painful lump under my left eyebrow.

I could go into more details, but it just makes me feel stupid.

Spring Injuries

Spring Injuries: no description

Spring Injuries: no description

Spring Injuries: no description

Spring Injuries: no description

Spring Injuries: no description

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