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My song for March: Out of Reach and Out of Sight

In my list of 50 goals and plans for 2010 I wrote “6.1 Write an album’s-worth of new songs and record them by the end of the year…” which I’m interpreting as one song per month. Here is the song … Continue reading

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Dubai buildings and fountains

Dubai! One of the emirates. I guess they all have stupid buildings, but Dubai has made it their priority to have more stupid buildings than anywhere else. Exhibit 1: a large indoor ski slope. Attached to a shopping mall. In … Continue reading

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Dubai desert safari.

Dubai! The city of stupid too-big buildings. Yay! I’ll write more about the buildings and the city itself in a future blog post. This one is about my trip to the dessert. I had two full days in Dubai, from … Continue reading

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Ball Juggling 2001 – 2003

Between 2001 and 2003 I released about a hundred videos on my old website, Luke Burrage’s Thing on The Net. I had to get creative to deal with the bandwidth drains of these videos, as there would typically be about … Continue reading

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Muscat, Oman (vs Brunei)

Muscat used to be the place to buy spices, but now it’s all about the oil. There is a LOT of money in Oman, but I’m not sure how well distributed it is. In this way I thought it might … Continue reading

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