Freshly Squeezed

After working on squeeze catches in my juggling sessions, I thought I’d make another video. While I’ve shared some squeeze catches with clubs, the only video of me showing lots of tricks with balls is on the Siteswap DVD. That’s over 10 years old now! Time to share some old and new patterns:

WJW 2015 Fight Night

Congratulations to Dave Leahy for winning the WJC 2015 Heerlen Fight Night! This is his third 250 FNC tournament win in a row, and increases his winning streak to 10 matches.

Sander Vanpraet, in his first tournament since winning DumBo Days 2014, took 2nd place. Jordy Sanchez and Simon À Campo placed 3rd and 4th, with Simon going undefeated in qualifications. In total 20 players took part.

The next tournament in the Netherlands will be the NJF 2015 Fight Night, which will probably be the second biggest tournament of 2015, and worth 750 points. Dave will face stiff competition from other top 10 players like Luke Burrage, Eóin Allan and Brook Roberts.

Thanks to Dave and Max for organizing the tournament, and to Vincent Groenhuis for the photos.

See all the results and details on the WJW 2015 Heerlen page on

Bath UpChuck 2015 Fight Night Results

Jon Peat and Dave Leahy, both top 10 players, made it to the final of the Bath UpChuck 2015 Fight Night tournament.

This 250 level tournament experimented with a new scoring format: point-frame-match. Win three points and you take the frame, win two/three frames and take the match. Check out the video (with commentary) to see how the new format works, and to see who won:

See all the results and details in the Fight Night Combat website: Bath UpChuck 2015 Fight Night