Bob Carr and Karsten Schoelzel face off in the Rostock 2015 Fight Night Final

On Saturday, Schokon hosted the Rostock 2015 Fight Night, one of the oldest and longest running Fight Night Combat tournaments.

Someone very well known to Fight Night fans, but someone we don’t ever see playing combat, entered a Fight Night for the first time in just under 10 years: Bob Carr! Not only did he take part, but Bob made it to the final, where he met Karsten Schölzel. Karsten placed 2nd in 2014, could he go one better this year?

Watch this fun video to see who won the tournament and 250 FNC rankings points:

See all the results and details on the Rostock 2015 Fight Night page:

Lublin 2015 Fight Night

Congratulations to Emil Dahl for winning the Lublin 2015 Fight Night last Friday. This is only his second tournament, but he has yet to lose a match having also taken the top spot in Israel earlier this year. He won the pictured trophy along with 250 rankings points. This result lifts him to eighth in the FNC rankings and third in the 2015 race rankings.

Artur Perskawiec took second place, while Jacek Kwapiński beat Jakub Szwed in the third place match.

26 jugglers took part in tournament and 16 were selected for the knockout. As this tournament is the de facto Polish combat championship and doesn’t just represent a single city convention, it will be bumped up to a 500 point tournament for 2016.

Thanks to Artur for organizing the tournament. See all the results and details on the Lublin 2015 Fight Night page:

Nederlands Jongleer Festival 2015 Fight Night Combat

The Nederlands Jongleer Festival 2015 Fight Night took place last Saturday, and it was the biggest tournament of the year so far, worth 750 points. 26 jugglers entered the qualifications and 16 made it to the knockout rounds.

Check out this video of all the action from the R16, R8, semi-final and third place matches, featuring Jochen Pfeiffer, Luke Burrage, Tony Pezzo, Wes Peden, Eóin Allan, and all the other top 12 seeded players:

And this video of the final match:

This result lifts Luke Burrage back to second in the FNC rankings, swapping places with Iver Tronstad, NJF 2014’s winner who couldn’t return to defend his points this year. Eóin Allan rises up the rankings to fourth, his highest ever position. Simon À Campo, the only Dutch player to be seeded in the top eight, returns to the top ten.

Thanks to Maarten for hosting, Ieuan for refereeing, and everyone else who helped make the tournament happen. See all the results and details on the NJF 2015 page on

Cumbria 2015 Fight Night

Jon Peat and Josh Turner made it to the final of the Cumbria Juggling Convention 2015 Fight Night on Saturday.

Let’s set the scene: Jon has yet to win a Fight Night, despite playing and losing in four final matches, including at the BJC this year. Josh has never made it to an FNC final, but feels good about his chances as he beat Jon at Chocfest in January.

Now watch the video to find out how it all ends:

The winner earned himself 125 rankings points and the loser 75 for the second place finish. Josh earned enough points to climb five places to 22nd in the current rankings, while Jon remains at sixth place overall and third in the 2015 rankings race.

See all the scores and other information at the Cumbria 2015 here: Thanks to Ieuan Evans for organizing the Fight Night and for the video footage.

Brianza 2015 Fight Night Combat

Twenty players entered qualification at the Brianza 2015 Fight Night, a 500 level event this year, and eight made it through to the knockout tournament: two Germans, two Brits, two Belgians, one Greek and one Italian. The top four seeds were Jochen Pfeiffer, Luke Burrage, Ian Deady and Jochen Hänsel.

Check out the highlights video above for the full story of the Fight Night.

Find all the results and details at the Brianza 2015 page: