Galileo TV Show Feature on Combat in Berlin

Last year a camera crew came to Berlin to shoot a feature on combat, focusing on the rivalry between Eóin Allan and Jochen Pfeiffer. It’s actually really good! Even if you don’t understand German, it’s still worth a watch.

If you’re currently in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you can watch it on the Galileo website.

If you’re not in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you can find a low quality version on Facebook.

My only complaint is that, inevitably, the presenter says it’s “from the USA”. Not only is Fight Night Combat (and team combat) not from the USA, and there has never been a Fight Night in the USA, but for many years it was mainly played, and won, by the very people shown in the video, in Berlin!

Juggling on Ice 2015 Fight Night

With 26 jugglers entering qualification, Juggling On Ice 2015 upgraded to a 250 point tournament from last year’s 125 points level. Tony Pezzo and Luke Burrage were seeded first and second, and met in the final. Tony beat Luke in qualification, but could he repeat it when playing to seven points and with the pressure of being in his first FNC final? Luke had gone unbeaten in his previous eight matches, but could he continue his streak to nine matches and three 250 level tournament titles?

Watch the video, and then check out all the results and details on the FNC website Juggling On Ice 2015